Joel's Wednesday Morning Forecast: Wintry mix may cause issues through mid-week

November 14, 2018

Posted: Nov. 14, 2018 6:49 AM
Updated: Nov. 14, 2018 7:51 AM

Speech to Text for Joel's Wednesday Morning Forecast: Wintry mix may cause issues through mid-week

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>> at 6:19 the only wintry precipitation we have seen so far has been focused over the far northeastern parts of our area perhaps like sleet and a few flurries making freezing rain at times associated with these pockets that move through corinth. most areas have seen none and therefore not enough to see any major trouble impacts yet. that could change. right now we have light precipitation trying to track northward east of highway 45 and over northwest alabama as the tracks into areas where temperatures are at or below freezing that's when you get the wintry precipitation to be a problem. the more we see of us the more likely wrote impacts are expected. tupelo is a 34, so even with the precipitation now nothing can happen with that. 32 in corinth. you can get accumulation with that. 30 and oxford and 33 in greenwood. the darker colors are where we are at or below freezing now. winter weather advisories are in effect for these areas until noon tomorrow as we expect the precipitation to increase and temperatures to struggle to warm up during the day today. we are not just talking snow. we change this from a snow scale to the winter impact index. this tells us there's a slightly greater possibility we have a little more icing involved along with that sleet and snow. we have a three and that's because this is so early in the year and you still have leaves on the trees. that plus any ice will weigh the trees down more and relates to trees falling or powerlines being down. which means power outages are not out of the question. however, at this point no major impacts are expected. this is a fluid situation and we will have a look at this cumulation. tupelo is cloudy and 34. if we get any precipitation overhead that could get us down to 32 and you may have impacts. winds out of the north at 13 miles an hour. tupelo not under the winter weather advisory. that could change. as we go through the day today some places get above freezing and some spots say a 32 or 31 all day. so as this wintry precipitation increases in coverage there will be some areas as i mentioned across north and west the could see impacts as we go on through the day today, though, i don't think we will get out of the 30s anywhere. you can see the precipitation transitions over 200 precipitation in boonville or corinth and i expect the temperatures to be below freezing so perhaps the road conditions to deteriorate later in the morning into the early afternoon. wintry precipitation in exhibit west of i-55 also starts to fill in across the area. as cold air mixes in as well. so then we see more of a transition in these areas where rain is heavier from tupelo to red bay. that transition on the back end of that mostly along highway 45 is possible and that could lead to light accumulation in spots. we could see light flurries linger all the way to the night into tomorrow morning. as that moves northward it strengthens and you will see more impacts up into western tennessee and into misery, booze held. here at home, if, and i mean if, we have this accumulate, we did see maybe a dusting to an inch in the far north counties. a light dusting and grenada or in icing is possible elsewhere. mostly rain but maybe a few flurries. it's subject to change. some will see nothing at all even rain. some places may stay dry all day. that's because maybe a dry front moves in and that would limit amounts. so that could easily change as we go on through the day. we will be adjusting the as we see fit. tonight down to 29. anything that falls will freeze on bridges and overpasses in
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