Tupelo installing cameras in public areas

The city of Tupelo will be installing security cameras to public parks and locations over the coming months.

Posted: Nov. 8, 2018 7:15 PM
Updated: Nov. 8, 2018 7:15 PM

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city of tupelo has announced that they are putting security cameras in parks and public spaces around town. wtva's evan hensley joins us live from one of those places with more on why they are adding them.... thank you, the city is now getting ready for a security bost in some of the bigger and more signifigant public locations around town. i am here at balard park which is one of the place that will be adding these survenlence cameras... easier ." ballard joins veterans park as the 2 parks that will be outfitted with security cameras over the next few months the director of parks and rec says that security is the primary reason for why the cameras are being added... alex farned - director of paks and recreation "vandalize, grafitti, when they do stuff to the parks. this is a way hopefully a way where we can start to curb that, to get that to slow down to stop." serious crimes have happened at some of tupelos parks over the years, and these cameras will help law enforcment agencies with the investigations... "we've had over the last 5 all the way up to ten years we've had some serious things happen in our parks as far as even shootings." parks won't be the only places thatw ill be reciveing the upgrade... city hall, the municipal court, the city fueling station and the aquatic center will also be recieveing cameras theron nichols park will be recieving cameras through a grant that the city was awarded. farned says in the comign years they will continue to ask for camera to some of these locations "once we get this infrastructure set up we will be able to just add cameras which will make it a lot easier and farned told me that the plan for when all these cameras will be put into the place is in the late spring, right before schools release for the summertime coming up later at wtva 9 news at 6 hear from some members of
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