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Regional Rehab helps Preston Thomas learn with dyslexia

Regional Rehab helps Preston Thomas learn with dyslexia

Posted: Nov 8, 2018 5:46 PM
Updated: Nov 8, 2018 5:46 PM

Speech to Text for Regional Rehab helps Preston Thomas learn with dyslexia

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interpret words, letters and other symbols... but in tonight's celebration of hope... i speak with preston thomas who says the regional rehab center has helped himfeel more comfortable at school... they are absolutely free ." preston's mother) receiving dyslexia therapy) dyslexia therapist) (nat sound) preston thomas is a fourth grader at wheeler elementary in booneville... a year and a half ago...his mother brought his brother to the regional rehabilitation center in tupelo to be tested for dyslexia... "we had to watch videos before he came and had to pick out what all symptoms according to the videos..." but while watching the videos for preston's brother...amy thomas said she noticed something else... "and so when i was looking at the videos and picking out all they symptoms he had i noticed that preston had alot of the same symptomsand more." it was then that preston was tested and told he had moderate to severe dyslexia... and since then he's received therapy from penny grose... "to me i've been getting better ever since from last year and i feel comfortable with it and it's been more fun." "he's been a joy. it's been a lot of fun. sometimes it's through trial and error, we jus thave to get to know each other and figure out each other and i want to know, 'okay, what helps preston learn better." grose says she tries to find games that make learning more this game...pimple pete... so that it is not always about pencil...paper...and book... "you learn in a fun way. it helps me out alot. ms. penny she helps me quite alot with my words that i'm trying to get out." amy says gose has even helped by going to wheeler elementary...speaking with amy and preston's teacher...discuss ing ways he learns best... "this is my absolute dream job. when i came here and interviewed i thought, 'oh, this would just be wonderful!" because i get to work withthese students one on one and i get to watch their growth and see how they develop over time." and amy says it's service she's grateful her son can receive for no cost at all... amy says she's compared prices through her husband's insurance... discovering other facilities charge for testing only starting at 5-hundred dollars... and charge 55 to 1-hundred dollars per session... "we would've tried to have done whatever it takes to take care of your children don't get me wrong but it would've been a struggle." "we see alot of gratitude because if insurance pays, you know, it may not pay the long time that they need or if they don't haveinsurance they know that they can come here and get the services that they need and they are absolutely free." preston is now reading at his grade's level... like daniella said... the therapy services are free at the regional rehab center.. your generous donations make a difference. you can see more of how the regional rehab center is changing lives in our upcoming celebration of hope telethon. which airs this sunday from 1 - 3 pm on abc-wtva. state health
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