Fire officials: Minor explosion at home in Bruce

Firefighters responded to a house fire in Bruce early Wednesday morning.

Posted: Nov. 7, 2018 7:38 PM
Updated: Nov. 7, 2018 7:38 PM

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some residents in calhoun county woke up to walls shaking and the sound of an explosion from a near by house. firefighters responded to the fire thatengulfed a home.... wtva's evan henlsley joins us live from the scene ... thank you an explosion woke the neighborhood, and shook a lot of the homes in this area that even knocked some pictures off of some of the walls all of that and a fire took place here on mcsweyn place in bruce around 1:30 this morning, was on fire ." monica thomas - neighbor "i was scared in the house, i was scared in the house because it shook our house, it just shook the back of our house and then i came outside and saw the flames." residents were awoken in a frenzy to this home abalaze according to the calhoun county fire marshall, the expsplosion was caused by some combustable materials inside of the home kelvin hogan who lives next door says the fire was so big that he had to cool his house off in a fear of it spreading... kelvin hogan - neighbor "our house got so hot, that we had to spray water on it to keep it cool because the flames were so hot after and i just never experienced anything like that." according to hogan, the owner of the home only visits it a few times per year he even had to break the news to the owner hogan "he works in, doing construction work and stuff like that on houses in stuff in new orleans. i called him and told him and he was like what." hogan is just glad that they were awoken by the exsplosion so they could save their vehicle hogan "we were just thankful that we woke up after the explosion to see that the house was on fire." and this truck mehind me is just some of the damage that the neighbors are left with it it is unclear right now why this fire started, we do know that the state fire marshall office will begin their invesitgation tomorrow. reportinge live in bruce eh wtva 9 news it's been a pretty
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