JY and Matt Severe Coverage 7 - Nov 1

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Posted: Nov 7, 2018 6:33 PM
Updated: Nov 7, 2018 6:33 PM

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r,;señ >>> always watching, always good morning. wtva 9 news todayat six begins this morning.... tracking. >>> before we go to weather we had one accident on i- tracking active weather. thanks for joining us, i'm22 katrina berry westbound lee county where a vehicle hydroplaned into a median guard. no injuries. her vehicle was messed up and thankfully no injuries. >>> we had meteorologist joel young and matt laughlin in studio tracking severe weather in our area. >> 7:371. real quickly take a look at 22. not seeing back ups at the moment. we will track that for you and still tracking traffic as storms move out. >> happy thursday! widespread heavy rainfall will r move through the region early u this morning with can see the brighter red and i will step out of an embedded squall line. the way, brighter reds indicating where stronger storms are now moving this line has the potential to produce strong, damaging out of straight line winds the wtva 9e area. we have showers back behind it. remember the roads are going to be wet. there's the threat for ponding on roadways and take it slow on along with a rogue isolated tornado. highway 45 and areas back to the east. the storms moved on, most of these storms will move across & the region, likely moving eastúe of us 45 by spotty showers lingering. >> it appears we are seeing things lying down in spots. we will have a live look in a moment. >>> and heavy a statewide incident caused ran pickens and parts of numerous mississippi alabama where we will see tham move on toward coldman and decatur. you may be dealing with it. >> the tornado watch until 18:00 p.m., cell phones in southwest alabama may say it goes to 1:00 p.m. at this point they have not canceled it but to be honest that's what we will see shortly in the next couple department of corrections of facilities to be on lock down... right now, visitation, commissary, and outside recreation have resumed athours central mississippi correctional facility and marshal county no correctional facility... however, all other facilities r watches, rather. 61 oxford. we are drier and rain is not falling as much. the roads are wet. with the roads wet they are tricky to drive on. noon 67 and temperatures not going anywhere. many cases not getting out of the mid-60s and cooler with the clouds sticking around. a look at the a statewide incident caused 7-t numerous mississippi in a few short department of corrections mome. facilities to be on lock down... right now, visitation, commissary, and outside recreation have resumed at central mississippi correctional facility and marshal county correctional facility... however, all other facilities remain on lockdown pending continued investigation into the incident... at this time, we do not know what that incident is... alabama is stepping up its surveillance...... following the state of mississippi's announcement wednesday regarding chronic wasting disease in pontotoc county, nearly 8-thousand deer have been tested since 2002 ...and not one has been diagnosed chronic wasting disease in alabama... this increased watch will be in counties within a 50 mile radius of pontotoc county... the alabama counties affected include... franklin county... lamar county... and marion county... for the second timethis year, the mississippi public service commission has targeted telemarketers for violations to the state's no-call list. last week... commissioner brandon presley fined six companies for nearly 2-million dollars... this time ... there are 11 companies facing over 1- point-seven milliondollars in penalties. the investigation found that these 11companies madeover 350 illegal calls to mississippians.... presley says mississippians are encouraged to download the p-s-c app that allows citizens to report illegal calls to thepublic service commission. you can find the app by searching "psc no-call" in the app store. mississippi's top elections official is predicting a strong voter turnout during this year's senatorial election. secretary of state delbert hosemann said that nearly twice as many people have requested absentee ballots this year during the last federal midterm election back in 2014. hosemann says absentees usually account for up to 5 percent of the overall ballots casts in the state. absentee voting in a circuit clerk's office ends this saturday, and must be returned by mail by next monday. residents can vote in person next tuesday, november 6th. a call center is expanding in south mississippi, with plans to hire over 200 people.... savi-linx of brunswick, maine, announced its plans tuesday.... the company, which already has 260 work-at-home agents in the hattiesburg area, is leasing 43 hundred square feet at a former mall.... officials say the new jobs will pay around 15 dollars an hour.... a newly unveiled historic marker remembers nine teenagers falsely accused of rape in the 19-30s. lawmakers in scottsboro unveiled a marker dedicated to the scottsboro boys. the nine african americans were falsely accused of raping two white women on a train in 19-31. they were convicted within a month of being charged... with their accusers later recanting their accusations. the case was appealed twice to the u-s supreme court... which led to the landmark being placed out front of the morgan county courthouse. the results are in, and we now know this week's game of the week for friday night fever. this week's busylad friday night fever game of the week is south pontotoc at north pontotoc, which received 50 percent of the vote.... wtva's jim holder will be live in ecru on friday during wtva 9 news four, five and six.... our instagram contest for band and cheerleaders of the week begins today and runs until friday at five p.m.... we'll have highlights from these games and many others on friday night fever.... happy thursday! widespread heavy rainfall will move through the region early this morning with >>> it's 7:39. the storms we are tracking and the heaviest storms what's left in our area lingering over southeastern pickens county. the strong damaging winds moved to fayette county and moving quickly to the i-65 corridor. still light to moderate and some cases heavy rain continues over the golden an embedded squall line. triang. with this rain, considering how much rain we have already seen you have ponding on roadways and take it slow. back edge across it things are winding down as we speak. the clouds aren't going anywhere. we will talk about the forecast in a moment. i want to show you overnight how this played out. >> and we will give you reports and markers, areas where we have seen tree damage. parts of the storm is a general path. i will take reports off for a second so you can see how this has -- if i can see the reports there, how this is played out. >> you look at the radar here. you have this circulation there that goes from grenada and up towards red bay. in those areas is where most of our downed tree reports have been seen. we will look at pictures later in the 8:00 hour, wtva 9 and we will get live reports from emma packer in the field. the storms moved on and we will deal with clean up at this point and inconveniences of the roads that have been blocked by a lot of the trees. >> the storms moved through pretty quickly and the rains lying down to an extent. we have managed to see less rainfall than you probably expect. of course we did forecast 1-3 inches of rain and look what we've got most areas picking up 1-3 inches of rain. i am not convinced it was .7 in tupelo. i think we saw more than that at the airport. some spots saw maybe less because the storms are moving faster. it wasn't the slow-moving stuff like the past that causes flash flooding. thankfully we are not seeing much of that. >> and 61 starkville. temperatures are a little cooler staying in the 60s and starkville, and not convinced and the clouds it is tough to warm up when the winds switch out of the northwest. and winds will switch later in the day. >> i will point out rain chances that drop-off dramatically after lunch time isolated stuff going through the night tonight. >>> straight ahead we will talk more about what you can expect through the rest of the workweek. looks like in terms of rainfall for the most part things winding down into the weekend and looks drier for saturday. more storms could return for election day. we will talk about that as well. of course we will have more pictures and reports of folks getting out and about now that the sun is up and folks seeing the damage that occurred in the area. they are sending the pictures and we will have those shortly. >>> you are watching wtva 9 news and what we are looking at is pictures and damage from wheeler school. we appreciate dom for sending in the pictures. rough start to the day. looks like roofing material and maybe the walkway that's blown off with the storms we had. we had trees damaged by the wind and not exactly the strongest and these pictures from wheeler. a reminder this school day starting rough for many. >> pictures of damage to a storage facility. javier sending this in. it shows cans scattered all over the backyard. a reminder wind can get under the structure causing significant damage and seek shelter in a sturdier shelter. >> with these pictures here tree on a vehicle there causing significant damage to multiple vehicles at her location still getting the exact and numerous trees in the area causing significant power outages all the way through the alabama area looking towards red bay. big trees down in some cases. are they tornado damage? that's something we are still working to figure out. this picture coming from amber in the long view road area near pontotoc of damage. damage reports started in calhoun county. these pictures here showing trees down into a structure early on. if you haven't heard your location listed and noting you doily have significant damage or have had damage accepted the pictures to weather@wtva.com and we will pass those along and to the red bay alabama area. an example of some of the wind damage there. lots of tree limbs down and certainly causing slowdowns. we do expect if you are traveling, you should expect to have those throughout the morning. >> those are the headlines. as joe mentioned, we continue to watch weather wind down as rainfall continues to move out of the area, joel. >>> absolutely. if we can switch to max 1. this is a computer i am working from. what we have now is heavy rainfall over pickens county and light to moderate heavy rainfall on highway 45. things are winding down for the most part. impacts still being felt in the way of damage being seen at this point. trees that are down on area roadways. you want to check. we will keep you updated on live local traffic throughout the morning. of course if there's anything you need to know or roads blocked. good news, most rain starting to wind down west of the parkway. calhoun county where we got damage, a lot of damage reports in calhoun county look like the clouds and do you have another report? >> we continue to get damage reports and most classified as wind damage. can you see a clear line from greenwood towards the red bay area where this damage has come in. >> let me make a quick side note. matt, i messaged you this and i noticed this feature and we will show you what i am talking about in a moment. circulation this morning. our models pinpoint it. >> absolutely. >> it was during the evening. and computer modeling has gotten so good. >> it occurred to me that's what it was. i messaged and saying is this a situation like 2016 or 2017 where we had a white glow early in the morning and the area was hit hard from there. a different situation and looking similar on radar. but, you know modeling has gotten better. what will you see about it. >> we cannot verify it was tornado damage. but you have a long lived storm cell and damage depicted on radar for a long time. it is reasonable we had not one but multiple touchdowns. >> let's switch to velocity. it is green and reds. green and reds showing the direction of the wind and brightness showing the speed of the wind. the brighter the color the stronger the wind. >> we will loop the same storm from bruce. we might be able to step out in front of the map to show you what we are talking about. back in time over calhoun county you can see there's this circulation there briefly. a tornado warning earlier in pontotoc county seems like forever ago and moved to red bay and we had tornado warnings up that way. again that was a long lived circulation. wouldn't call it rotation. the difference between circulation and rotation, the way i described it, rotation is more in terms of a tornado. circulation this is much more broad and you can see circulation with the storm all together. that moved on through. it did damage and of course we will bring you more pictures throughout the morning. we'll be right back. happy thursday! widespread heavy rainfall will move through the region early this morning with an embedded squall line. we have breaking news into our studio... we have breaking news into our studio... one person has died after a tree >>> fell on a car on highway 61 near highway 4-62... a student from alcorn state studio. one person killed in a crash early this die fell on a car on highway 61 near morning... wlbt is reporting that the one highway 462. the student who was killed in the crash early vehicle crashhappened on u-s 61 near m-s 462... this morning. the two miles north of port gibson... one-vehicle accident preliminary reports from the happened on mississippi highway patrol u.s.6 showing thata camrycollided two miles with a tree that had fallen no. preliminar across the road.... y reports st 19 year old jayla gray... he highway who was a passenger in the fronl shows a camry collided with a tree that seat.... died in that accident. crossed the road. the driver and another passenger were not hurt... 19-year-old just 10 minutes before this jad a accident... passenger in the f. the driver and an another vehicle collided with or not the same tree... hurt. 10 minutes before that accident, but the driver was not hurt... another vehicle collided with the same tree. the driver was not hurt. >>> we have had several damages reported across our area. we will go ahead and look at this vehicle. this is in calhoun happy thursday! county.& widespread heavy rainfall will& lots of power outages in move through the region early te area. this morning with let's check in woman joel to see where the storm coverage is now. joel? >> things calmed down in calhoun county. can you see the deeper reds moving well into alabama. light to moderate and heavy rainfall. the severe threat wound down for everyone. i would still think about giving yourself extra time because trees down are area roa an embedded squall line.dways ad of course roads this line has the potential to produce strong, damaging are straight line winds wet. i want to look closely along with a rogue isolated tornado. in the last several these storms will move across s the region, likely moving east w of us 45 by you areas hard h sunrise.it overnight where we got the then they should be out of the region by mid-morning. reports. this feature that moved through and matt i once they're gone, isolated light to moderate showers linger throughout the want your commeny on this as wel rest of the day with overcast l. conditions. >> matt temperatures start out in the upper 60s. called at but by the late afternoon, we're likely dropping into the upper 50s and lower 4: 15. we 60s. went winds will be breezy out of the northwest later in the day, on bringing cooler air to earlier l show the area by friday morning. yo. matt, if you want to add to this. >> i think we have at least but the clouds will not go awaye completely into friday. tornado touchdown that was near slates spring and we will remain partly cloudy through the morning, clearing some into the vardaman and calhoun city. >> when you see the blues, that's probably one of three we had in the area at least. that location moving towards chicksaw county and another tishimingo. very active morning. >> yeah, certainly. >> let's go ahead and check with emma packard who has been out this morning surveying the damage she's seen. emma, tell us where you are and what you are seeing. morgan, i am actually here on county road 301 afternoon. temperatures will be much cooler, though. in lee county where a few morning temperatures will likel start out in the upper 40s to ad lower 50s. reports of a downed tree. you can see behind me it looks then by the afternoon, we will like that is cleared see highs in the upper 50s. ant look like a few isolated showers are possible. the road is completey safe. drivers really need to take& but most will likely remain & ca dry.ution. i have been driving around the saturday morning will start out mostly clear with temperatures county this morning and seen in the lower 40s. a lot of branches in the road and branches that could then throughout the day, we'll see mostly sunny to partly sunns skies. up a tire. take your time headed temperatures will be a bit warmer, likely climbing into th. mid-60s. roads are slick. they are wet. i just did speak with lee and he says all the trees in the county have been cleared up most on the south end of the county. but he is still advising drivers to take their time. the dry spell won't last long, though. i will be isolated showers return to the v forecast by sunday. ing you the we'll start the day with latest on temperatures in the mid-40s. then by the afternoon, we're in. as joel just mentioned there's a possibility for live, emma packard. good morning. wtva 9 news todayat begins this morning.... >>> all right, of course continued coverage of the storms straight ahead in the next hour. good morning. wtva 9 news todayat begins this morning.... >>> always watching. always tracking. wtva 9 begins with tracking active weather. the see weather authority. >>> good morning wtva 9 today thanks for joining us this morning... i'm katrina berry... at 8:00 begins tracking and i'm morgan burger... active meterologist joel young is with weather. >> thank you for us tracking the possibility of s today. >> meteorologist joel young and matt in studio with us in studio tracking active weather. we had severe weather and reports of damage. let's check in with joel young. >> before we get to radar, i want to point out the storms moved on and i want to focus on something new coming into the wtva 9 newsroom. a truck, getting a report of some sort of accident.
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