Owner of pit bull that attacked FedEx employee speaks out

The owner of a pit bull is speaking out after authorities say he attacked a FedEx employee.

Posted: Mon Oct 15 21:16:48 PDT 2018
Updated: Mon Oct 15 21:16:49 PDT 2018

Speech to Text for Owner of pit bull that attacked FedEx employee speaks out

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more straight ahead... but first, we're following a developing story out of corinth. alcorn county authorities say a fedex employee was attacked by a pit bull. wtva's rebecca butcher spoke with the owner of the dog and joins us live now. this dog is here at the corinth animal shelter for the time being. authorities say the fedex employee was bit in the face and neck area...the pitbull's owner and neighbors say it was all surprising because he's known to be gentle. michael worley, helped injured employee "it was pitiful, had blood all the side of his face. part of his nose was tornout,his head was cut." neighbor michael worley says he then when to get bandages to help the fedex worker...then a nurse who lived on the same street came to help. ...worley then called the dog's owner..who rushed home from work. david dishman, dog owner "i thought i walked into a nightmare i was about ready to cry. all i could think about was how bad i felt for the person that was injured." david dishman tells me his 10- year-old dog charlie--- is fine around hisbaby raylan.the family's had him since he was 4 weeks... "i just don't know what could have happened to make him want to bitesomebody, he was severely hurt by these dogs across the street. he's got a lot of cuts and scrapes on him." dishman says charlie got into a fight with otherdogs the same day he was let out by a woman from oxford healthcare taking care of his daughter. dishman "he always was friendly he never growled at nobody." worley: "he'd lick you to death never had he done something like this." rightnow, thefamily has a gofund me page set up for charlie for legal expenses if needed..and if they are not they want to give the funds to the victim. "we're heartbroken, we're heartbroken for him andwe'reheartbrokenwe're just worrying ourselves to death and praying that god get usthroughit." the dishman family says that they are planning to send flowers to the fedex worker... the sheriff says the worker was sent to north mississippi
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