ATF investigates second American Furniture plant fire

The question of what caused a fire at American Furniture is still to be determined after the flames were put out from the building Saturday night.

Posted: Sun Oct 14 21:47:46 PDT 2018
Updated: Sun Oct 14 21:47:47 PDT 2018

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eruption is still lingering. this is the second fire to happen there this year...which was ruled accidental following the investigation... but now the company believes that may not of been the case... wtva's gracyn ashmore talked with company's chief financial officer todd campbell earlier today... as the investigation begins for the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives... "the investigation is ongoing and it brings up the question of if the last fire was actually an accident." the state fire marshal determined that fire to be unintentional human intervention, meaning that someone did not mean to start it... the investigation for this fire is underway and should take at least a week, and community members wonder what the plan is for workers... the plan is to have the majority of employees return to the plant on thursday, oxford warehouse and pontotoc walmart employees will return toworktomorrow, while the remainder workers will have to wait until further notice as to when they can return... although campbell assures us that their number one priority is to get paychecks into each employees pockets... the recovering of the office building files and the replacement of over 15,000 pieces of furniture is the next step for the company... while fire preventative measures will be assessed with the rebuilding of the facility... campbell says american furniture is focusing on this investigation saying "we are very happy to be working with the atf to identify the cause of this fire. they have many agents from around the united states on this site working on identifying the cause of the fire." he also sends his sincerest thank you to the responders and community. gracyn ashmore wtva 9 news during the investigation the facilities are blocked off, treating it as an active crime scene for the time being... employees and the public are asked to restrain from visiting the property until it has been cleared.
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