Man attacked after leaving women's restroom

Oct, 11th 2018

Posted: Oct. 11, 2018 7:20 PM
Updated: Oct. 11, 2018 7:20 PM

Speech to Text for Man attacked after leaving women's restroom

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corinth are talkingafter a gay manwas severely attacked while leaving a womens restroom at a restaurant. wtva xavier harris has been following this story all day he joins us live with the latest. im here at v taco where police say the attack took place, the victim suffered fractures to the face and had to undergo surgery, while the suspect is out on a $25,000 bond, and residents in the area feel this attack was taken too far. "to get attacked for going to a restroom with your friends i think that is absolutely uncalled for." 22 year-old luke kiddy is accused of attacking a man believed to be gay leaving out of a womens restroom. at v taco friday night. this incident leaves others in the community questioning why the victim was inside the restroom to begin with. "i don't know any details of why, but i know he went into the women's restroom with a lady and he came out with a lady." "he shouldn't be in the womens restroom to begin with, becuase it's gender guys go in the guys bathroom that's the way it's always been." ??? says although she doesnt agree with men using the womens restrooms, if you see incidents like this one report it.... "you shouldn't take it upon yourself you need to let one of the authorities know and they will take the responsibility and care of it." other residents felt if its not hurting you then you shouldnt make a big deal about it. if i'm in a restroom and a gay man walks in with his friends it's not going to bother me, so many people are prejudice against gay people and i think that is a higher problem." although the community had different views on this incident they all agreed on one thing... "definitely violence there is no reason for that." "it makes me angry, because we don't like that it's like you did something in our house i don't do stuff like that in your house so don't do it in mine." police say this case is still an open investigation as they try and find a motive behind the attack, in the mean time the case has been to the fbi to investigate this as a possible hate crime. an iuka man is now behind bars after
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