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Residents in Oxford speak to safety of The Square i n Oxford

The Ed Meek controversy still lingers as residents weigh-in.

Posted: Sep. 24, 2018 8:11 PM
Updated: Sep. 24, 2018 8:11 PM

Speech to Text for Residents in Oxford speak to safety of The Square i n Oxford

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i'm craig ford and i'm emily leonard. we told you last week that ole miss donor ed meek, the man whose name is on the school of journalism on campus, has asked that his name be removed from the building following a controversial facebook post he made last weekend. the post showed a picture of two black women on the square in oxford as meek wrote negative opinion about the square and its safety. wayne hereford joins us live from oxford where he has talked about safety on the square . thank you. yes , the ed meek controversy continues to loom large here in oxford which is why we wanted to know are there issues such as safety that meek suggested especially late at night as was the case in his facebook post. what i found out is that it depends on who you ask. the square in oxford has been known for years as a central gathering place for not only the ole miss faithful, but for those who want to experience the charm and culture of oxford. so when we asked people about the ed meek controversy concerning the safety of the square some were willing to weigh-in. all we talked to admitted that showing pictures of two black women to make a point on facebook about how the square losing its charm and down-home atmosphere was a bad idea. we talked to some who would not go on camera but said they don't see the issues that meek refereed to in his post. while still others believe that life around the square during the weekends especially has deteriorated and is not like it was in the past. " i think that its turning a little bit different. its kind of been moving in a direction that's less safe for the average person. you really have to choose what hours you're going to be out at night if you want to keep from running into things that you're not trying to run into." " i haven't felt like there's any danger on the square . i feel very safe . my children walk around here at normal times and late in the evening i think there's always going to be an issue with safety when you've got alcohol. but it feels very safe to me." now i did reach out to police who said they do not comment on citizen's facebook posts referring to ed meek's comments. but one officer did say that there is always a strong police but one officer did say that there is always a strong police presence on the oxford square and that they will continue to do fact, the city and people have worked together on a safety ordinance plan which includes cameras and more security at restaurants. the debate will go on. we'll have to wait and see what happens from here. reporting live from oxford i'm wayne hereford wtva nine news. a federal judge dismisses a lawsuit
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