WTVA Friday Night Fever-Week 6

Sept. 21, 2018

Posted: Sep. 21, 2018 11:49 PM
Updated: Sep. 21, 2018 11:49 PM

Speech to Text for WTVA Friday Night Fever-Week 6

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i'm jim holder and he's andy lee. thanks so much for joining us. division play began tonight in classes 5a and 6a, and we're in the middle of homecoming season. scores are on our ticker. we begin with our busylad game of the week. south pontotoc at mooreville. score. baldwyn at north pontotoc. score. falkner at okolona. score. thrasher versus myrtle. score. clarksdale at shannon. score. new albany at east union. score. hernando at tupelo. score. houston at amory. score. wtva's evan hensley has been covering this game tonight. he joins us now live from monroe county with an update. thanks guys. back to you. we have an instagram contest each week for band and cheerleaders of the week. this week's winner is.... we'll hear from the band in a minute, but the cheerleaders take us to the break. fever. jim holder and andy lee. scores are on our ticker. continuing with highlights. winona at water valley. score. olive branch at saltillo. score. lafayette county at west point. score. lafayette county at west point. score. itawamba ahs at aberdeen. score. itawamba ahs at aberdeen. score. time for the social media center. daniella oropeza takes a look at what's happening on facebook, twitter and instagram. what's going on, daniella? it is week six... and like last week...we've received several of your pictures... and we will get to this week's social media...but taking a step back...i couldn't pass this up from week five... look at this little pontotoc warrior... monica chewe shared this post on facebook...taggin g us in it... as well as hashtag-be-a- warrior... looks like royalty! speaking of royalty and bouncing back to this week... tyrone avant tagged us on twitter... his daughter is this year's vardaman homecoming queen... would you look at that crown! also on twitter... these not too happy eupora fans... blake mcmullan tagging us in this picture saying... squirrel is disappointed but eupora fought... back on facebook...cory west sending us this photo of some hilltopper fans... such sweet smiles from bri...bailey...and hollie... i'm sure it helps that houston had quite the lead... now tonight's game was the first time the houston football team took on another since the passing of william anderson... the 15-year-old fell ill during a j-v game two mondays ago... our evan hensley at tonight's game at amory... he tweeted this picture saying... this was the special decal that houston wore in remembrance of anderson... alvin ivy...what would i do without you... he sends us this photo of some west point fans... what a nail biter they had tonight... the green waves pulling out a one point difference win over lafayette county... homecoming seasonis here... and check out this stunning group at our busy-lad game of the week... this is the mooreville homecoming court... just...wow... and from lee county to calhoun county... yasss queen! neveah armstrong is this year's calhoun city homecoming quen... she is working it! also working it is this wildcats fan and their mascot! keep those photos coming! we love it! remember...tag us... and you can do so with the hashtag wtva fnf... until next week! it's friday night fever. jim holder and andy lee. jim holder and andy lee. scores are on our ticker. continuing with highlights. bruce at calhoun city. score. west lowndes at vardaman. score. wayne academy at oak hill. score. manchester academy at calhoun academy. score. that will do it for friday night fever. friday night fever on fox begins in a few minutes on wlov. for andy lee and our entire staff, i'm jim holder. have
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