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Saltillo residents plagued with brown water again

Saltillo residents are complaining about brown water once again.

Posted: Wed Sep 19 20:44:41 PDT 2018
Updated: Wed Sep 19 20:44:42 PDT 2018

Speech to Text for Saltillo residents plagued with brown water again

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wants it, but that's what some saltillo families are seeing after a water malfunction... it's not the first time either... wtva's rebecca butcher spoke with the mayor about the issue and joins us with what's being done about it... people have been sending us in pictures of ther brown and yellowish water... mayor rex smith says this time it's because of a fire hydrant being turned too hard. a solution is on the way, but one family claims the water has lead to a pet's death. i just wanted to ." saltillo resident) saltillo resident) it's in the showers...(nats) and this toilet (nats). these photos with darker water were sent to us on facebook. "this west end of lee county should has been so bad should have been and could have been switched immediately to surface water." mayor rex smith says the recent issue this week is because of a water company turning a fire hydrant on too hard...leading to the mineral, manganese, mixing in with the water. ithas residents reeling. "i understand that they've got to do new valves for the rest of the city to put the whole thing on the river water. but we're ready now. we were on it before and we were the only ones." mayor smith told me over the phone...the switch back to river water isn't happening now for safety addition a budget report has not been approved. richard neilsen and his wife nancy say they've had the problem starting a year ago, after being switched to well water. the two were at a meeting in july for the city of saltillo to use river water. they've since been using cases of bottled water. "i assumed by now we'd be on river water." bridge: and the brown water is also impacting the nielsen's pets..several of thier dogs have been having some sick symptoms...right here is their water. unfortunatley as you can see it's brown. their dog was named poko..who the neilsens claim died after drinking brown water. "he developed kidney stones, both kidneys...drinking this stuff." construction has started on old south plantation to increase the line from four to twelve inches. but in the meantime, people like the nielsens will have to make do. "one time i called the city and i complained and you know what they said, it must be in our i guess our lines fed everybody in the universe now. i just wanted to..." about the couple's claim that the brown water led to their pet's death...the mayor says the city sends in samples of water regularly to the health department. those have all passed for human consumption. live in saltillo rebecca butcher wtva nine news. the monroe county sheriffs department seized 9 dogs in a
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