Spotlight on Booneville: An Education

This is part of WTVA's spotlight on Booneville.

Posted: Thu Sep 13 08:45:48 PDT 2018
Updated: Thu Sep 13 08:45:48 PDT 2018

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school superintendent - booneville offs school district) say there's st / teacher - booneville high il school) l much more "our motto is, together, we're better.' nothing we're able to do, can be done without everybody pulling together in the same direction." room to gr. >> our "we don't settle for good. moder we keep pushing and striving to better. nothing w do even better."e're able to do done brad devaungh is in his wit 27thyear of teaching and hishou together in 13thyear of the same teaching at booneville high school... direction. >> we don't - but his experience in the - we g boonevilleschool district and strive to do even goes beyond that as an alum... . >> reporter: brad is in his "coming back here has been 27th year of teachget to see the children of the ing and his 13th people that i went to school y with. ear of teaching at i know grandparents and aunts anduncles and i feel like boomville high school.ater impact on those students that i but his exp teach just because i have the ee familiarity with in the boomville school district goes beyond that as an alum. >> coming back here has been awesome because i get to see their families." the "we have very low teacher c turnover and that's really goode in what we're trying to that i to school with and their grandparents and aunts and un cles and i feel like that let's me have a greater impact on the students that i accomplish here." teach and according to superintendant todd english...that's keeping their students safe while providing the bestbecause with their family. >> we have low teacher turnover. that's really good in what we're try t this school year is the first om time a school resource officerph will be atere. >> reporter: according to the superintendent, that's keeping their students safe while each campus every day... providing the best education. this school year is "we're using police men during e their off days and so what that time is doing is allowing all a scho the police officers an opportunity to learn the layouth of our buildings." campus every meanwhile students gain an day. >> we're using education designed for policeme their off days. and so what's that doing is allowing all of the police officers an opportunity to learn the layouts of them and the future... our buil. >> reporter: meanwhile, t is a one-to-one district...providi s ng a technology device to each designed for them in student... the future. boomville s "our students are going to growi up in a world where they're stra working beside robots one-to-one district providing a every day. technology device to each & they're growing up in a virtualt reality world as much as they . >> our students are the real reality." are "having the assignments and goo stuff online, having the study grow up i materials for the n a world whee worki students to access at home hasng been great. besides robots eve day. they're growing up in a lot of the teachers, includina myself, use thatchromebookfor the testing aspect." virtual real but devaughn says...his studenty still take notes... world as my and every now and then he'll are the real also use videos as a way of re. >> having the assignments and stuff online, having the materials for students to access at home is great. a lot of teachers, including myself, use a chrome book. >> teaching... reporter: but d "in general kids are busy fromen 7:45 until after 3 says his& students still take notes and every now and then he'll also after 3 o'clock." use videos as. >> in general, kid booneville school districts are offers many extra curiculum bu from 7:45 until after activities... 3:00 every day. and a from sports to clubs to stem...t "i would probably say 85 percen of our kids in the high school30 are in some sort ofextra. >> reporter: boomville school activities... district offers from sports to clubs to stem... curricular "i would probably say 85 percent of our kids in the high school e are in some sort ofextras from sports to clubs to stem. kid >> i would that'sinvolved graduates." in b addition to that english says ay its about providing opportunities for students to b our kids in the high school y bring some sort of extra curricular activity. and a kid that's involved graduates. >> reporter: in addition to that, english says it's about providing opportunities for students to be successful in everything they do. >> they have incredible parenting and community support. high expectations. and the teachers expect the kids to do it.
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