Spotlight on Booneville: A Future

This is part of WTVA's spotlight on Booneville.

Posted: Thu Sep 13 08:43:40 PDT 2018
Updated: Thu Sep 13 08:43:40 PDT 2018

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downtown. there is still a lot of not as fortunate as we are ." r. tourism director/main street executive director) president - prentiss county historical preservation society) oropeza / booneville, prentiss county) "i get to plan all of the events downtown. we just did a block party.& .&'s the first time ever. - we did that to celebrate the&& >> inruction we finished- downtown." at 23...lexie gamble is her dow hometown's tourism director n w the first time ever and we did that to celebrate the construction aft er we finished our downtown. >> and main street executive repot director... "when i moved off to ole miss for college, when i came home it was like i was lexe coming is her home town tourism home to a big hug. not just by my parents, but by an my full community." d mainstrea. >> when i came home, it like many who grew up in was lie i w booneville...gamble says it's a close nit community...hug. >> reporter: like many who gre& "when you drive into booneville& up it's like this veil of like in, stress and everything just getsa close knit community. >> when you drive into boomville, it's like everything. >> reporter: for children there's parks. like this one built in '97 by a lifted off." for children there'sgroup kids town...built r in 97 300 volunteers. even college students can enjoy hangout spots like coffee shops and ice cream. and adults can stay involved in the community by joining one of several organizations. >> by a group of over 300there's ls volunteers... here. teens and college students can we have s enjoy hangout ix different civi clubs they can be a part of. different spots like coffee shops or ice g cream...anizat and adults...they can stayions e & involved with the community byp. >> reporter: but according to res joining one of severalidents, it organizations... "there's civic clubs here. end we have six different civic th clubs they can be a part of,ere. >> there was different organizations like thi historical committee..."ng but according to residents it doesn't endthere... on that side. "booneville is on the >> reporter: like gamble said, the upswingright now, i think. town it's because of the effort that completion of phase a lot of people have put in." i like gamble said earlier...then down just celebrated the completion of phase 1 in thetow downtown area...which includesa, sidewalk repairs...creating ones way streets...and the addition of several light sidewalk e 2... "we'll be applying for a newrep, mdot grant to do all the one wa sidewalks downtown and then streets and the addition of after that we'll be expanding several signage to welcome people ligh. downtown doing some now stuff on second street." it's s and eventually...gam ble says t. >> they'll red they hope to create a o all of bike trail...connectin g north sidewalks east to downtown... downtown.& and then after that we'll beces- opened up and it's insane since we've done this exchanging signage downtown project how people have been coming in. welcome t weactually havea newo restaurant that's being fixed downto right now." wn on second street. >> reporter: and eventually gamble says they hope to create a bike trail connect and with new e northeast new jobs... to downtown. >> recently we've but along with prentiss county's had prosperous industrial base... e booneville is home to 22 of places ope prentiss county's 35n up. we actually had a new restaurant that's being fixed right now. >> reporter: and with new bu industrial business...sinesses . but alo and most recently...acco brandss expanded itstrial base, boomville is home to 22 plant...creating 35 jobs... of the counties 35 industrial businesses. and "it impacts us in a great way, not only with offering jobs but our industries they most receny give back to the community." "to me now it's still the number of churches that we have, okay,p the number of civic anding a plant organizations that we have and c the efforts that are still bein5 made by these to you jobs. >> not on know help those that are not asg fortunate as we are." jobs but our industry affects the community. >> for me, t hat is still the moment that we have. okay. the number of civic organizations that we have. and
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