Two accused of burglary in Peppertown behind bars.

AUGUST 13 2018

Posted: Mon Aug 13 17:12:33 PDT 2018
Updated: Tue Aug 14 07:09:45 PDT 2018

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you come home from being out of town - only to realize your home has been burglarized. on top of that, authorities have arrested your neighbor in connection with the crime.. law enforcement says that actually happened to one family in the peppertown area. w-t-v-a's daranesha herron is live at the itawamba county sheriff's department in fulton with a closer look at the crime. i spoke with the sheriff who says the suspects broke into that home to feed their drug addiction. i also spoke with the homeowner's grandmother off camera, who says it was shocking to find out their neighbor broke into the family's home. she says the two families are very close, and she would never speak ill ofthem. but it is just a sad time for everyone. the neighbor arrested ...23 yearold dustontutor. sheriff chris dickinson says tutor andbryan newell broke into a family'shome on friday. deputies say they recovered thousands of dollars worth of stolen guns and other items, and it wasn't easy. "we had to make two and 3 stops in the county and other parts of the county to retrieve those things, even pontotoc. that shows you how fast those things can go."- sheriffchrisdickinson arrested and accused of having as well as hiding items stolen from the home -- 29 year old dale lewis. he's now in prison because he was on probation at the time of the burglary. the sheriff says deputies wouldn't have been able to make an arrest so quickly if it wasn't for a tip. "ifyou seesomething saysomething.the quicker you can get us on track, thefasterwe can solve a crime." all of the stolen items were recovered. the suspected thieves are being held in the itawamba county jail. both have appeared before a judge who set bond at 25 thousand dollars each. live in fulton, daranesha herron wtva9news two people
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