Parents arrested after child drug overdose

August 9 2018

Posted: Thu Aug 09 20:46:18 PDT 2018
Updated: Thu Aug 09 20:46:18 PDT 2018

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a bizzare story out of nettelton this evening... where two parents now sit behind bars after their child was rushed to the hospital for a drug over dose... wtva's xavier harris joins us live with update on the child's condition... daniella, im told that child was a two-year-old girl... but get this the parents were the ones who actually called 911 after noticing their child's behavior was unusual... i spoke with some residents here in nettleton and they tell me there is no excuse for a child in the care of their parents to overdose on meth... offset" evon gray/resident i'm sorry my blood is starting to boil. once you abuse a child or sexually abuse a child i think your rights are gone. this is what an outrage parent had to say after hearing about the arrest of 28-year-old tracey rhynes and 21-year-old donna rhynes after their two-year-old daughter was rushed to the hospital... they didn t know what was wrong i don t think at the time, after they went to the hospital they found out the baby had two kinds of drugs in her. we're told the ambulance picked the little girl up from their home... once treated at the hospital...chief gary monaghan says she tested positive for two different of them being methamphetamine... it is unclear at this time what the other drug was or how the child consumed it... we are told the child is now in good condition and in the custody of child protective services, but another parent says shes seen enough child abuse and neglect and something should be done... children need somebody to take up for them just because their minors they're still a person that doesn t need be put back in that situation. both parents have a bond set at $35,000 dollars but gray says that jail isnt enough i think the parents should have to pay child support, i think it needs to be that while there in the system make them pay child support to help them offset. again,it is unclear how the child obtained the drugs but according to chief monaghan it is now up to d-h-s and a judge on what will happen next with the child... be sure to stayed tuned in as we bring you developments in this case live in nettelon xavier harris
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