Cousin of Emmett Till Speaks Out

Cousin of Emmett Till Speaks Out

Posted: Thu Jul 12 19:11:26 PDT 2018
Updated: Thu Jul 12 19:11:27 PDT 2018

Speech to Text for Cousin of Emmett Till Speaks Out

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movement is being revisited. that's the murder of them 14-year-old emmett till. his body was found after two men reportedly abducted him from a relative's home. wtva's rebecca butcher traveled to sumner and spoke with till's cousin. she joins us live now. in this courtroom behind me, a cousin of till addressed in a panel those horrifying moments two men came looking for his relative. he tells me his reaction when word was confirmed the case was being reactivated. ." "they just report something that already happened, it's not news but they just making it seem like news. the justice department is talking about it." this is emmett till's cousin, wheeler parker jr. he says after so many years he wants emmett's name cleared "so he can be exonerated that's my heart's desire. i've been talking about him for 63 years and for 63 years for about 30 of those years it seems like he got what he deserved." he describes his cousin as someone who always enjoy joking. but in the small town of money in the 1955, he says there wasn't a time for jokes around whites. "there's always the backdrop that he misbehaved. he's always painted in a bad light. i'm 30 years they never asked me what happened." emmett till's case is being reactivated after a 2017 book came out, with quotes from a white woman...saying that she wasn't truthful when she testified that till grabbed her, whistled and made sexual advances." "when i heard that she said he didn't do anything worthy of death and heard she said she didn't tell the truth i was pleased, satisfied." when i asked him what he wanted people to remember about till, his cousin said.. "he didn't die in vain. i want the world to see the things that came about because his life. he still speaks even from the grave now." so exactly what will come of this deactivation of this decades old case remains to be seen. meanwhile, for till's family they say it's long overdue in sumner, rb wtva 9 news. the son of a prosecutor in the case lives right here
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