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Rangers to use unmarked vehicles

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Posted: Tue Jul 10 20:21:38 PDT 2018
Updated: Tue Jul 10 20:21:38 PDT 2018

Speech to Text for Rangers to use unmarked vehicles

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driving seen on the natchez trace parkway, rangers are adding unmarked vehicles to help patrol. wtva's madison heil spent the day with rangers...she now joins us live with what you shouldlook forif you're pulled over by one of these vehicles. emily, earlier here at the vistors center i met with chief ranger sarah davis. she told me you will know it's a patrol car once you're pulled over by one ofthe new unmarked vehicles. but she also offered advice for those who might feel uncomfortable doing so. driver safety, visitorsafety." "if you get lighted up by one of our vehicles you're going to know it's a police vehicle.this in an example of one of the new patrol vehicles you might see on the parkway."as you can see we have multiple layers of lights top, middle and bottom. these are not lights you can get on ebay. these are professional lights that have a very highluminous and can easily be seen at night."if you feel uncomfortable pulling over for an unmarked vehicle here's what you can do."slow down put your hazards on put your hand out the window and let the ranger know"but davis says be prepared to have more rangers show up to the scene as a safety measure.standup : "this is what is looks like when you get pulled over. you can see there are lights all over it looks like an actual police vehicle. rangers tell me they also havesirens to make sure you know you're being pulled over."nats of sirensrangers use red and blue lights because they patrol in three different states.the parkway is adding these vehicles to better combat distracted and aggresive driving."our whole purpose of the parkway is driver safety, visitor safety." davis said she also wants people to know that 100% the money made from citations goes to the victim witness compensation fund to help people who've fallenvictim to or witness a crime on federal property. they don't keep any of, but are mostly focused on keeping people safe. reporting live in tupelo, mh wtva 9
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