MSU Fans Are Preparing to Travel

Tickets at MSU may be sold out but fans are still going to Omaha to watch the team

Posted: Tue Jun 12 16:07:57 PDT 2018
Updated: Tue Jun 12 16:07:57 PDT 2018

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says it is sold out for the college baseball world series saturday in omaha. but fans are still planning to make the trip to omaha as wayne hereford found out . ." :31-:39 1:11-1:17 standup.."outside of dudy noble stadium here on the campus of mississippi state university. where earlier we heard the sound of aluminum bats hitting baseballs a sure sign that the dogs are getting ready for a trip to omaha. as far as a trip to omana, there are some other people getting ready too. that would include msu baseball fans." we found one fan at a local restaurant who is ready to go. "are you trying to get to the world series?' i'm trying to get there as fast as i can get there." he's going by way of carpool which is probably a good idea at this point says one starkville travel agent. "unfortunately, at mississippi state especially, a lot of the tournaments you're going to get notice of where you are going when you have less than seven days notice. and so the air fares tend to be pretty expensive.'." but she added omaha, is not the worst drive maybe 12 to 14 hours. so it makes sense for a lot of folks to drive. as far as hotel rooms go, one fan who follows the team alot says it pays to start shopping as early as possible. "i would go ahead and get it. this is the college world series. its not just mississippi state that;s going to be there." the mississippi state ticket office says its alloted 700 tickets are gone .but they recommend westies like the n.c. double-a ticket exchange as a place to find a ticket. meanwhile, some fans will stay at home. "i will be watching it at home yessir." standup.. when we come back, w-t-v-a chief meteorologist
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