Lee County man host golf tournament for his beloved wife

May 26,2018

Posted: Sat May 26 16:36:55 PDT 2018
Updated: Sat May 26 16:36:56 PDT 2018

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for his late wife proves everlasting since losing her to alzheimer's ten years ago. w-t-v-a's xavier harris joins us once again speaking with that man and learning his plans to help raise awareness. pkg beth vin winkle was diagnosed with alzhimers at the age of 58 and died at 62. "before she died she wanted to do something to help thealzheimer'speople" that something was a golf tournament vin winkle decided to do for the next ten years. for the love of his late wife. "she was here for the firstyear when you get down to it we are asking people to give us money out of the goodness of their heart. its near and dear to us. vin winkle says the 10 year ride has been notheing less than a goodtime,but he says this year will be the very last year the event takes place. "i'mgetting on up in years, andit'sbeen fun i loved doing it but at my age it gets a littlebit harder each year." some of the friends of the vin winkles for over 50 years come out and play each year. they say the two love birds couldn't have been a better match for each other and that jay's love for beth was unconditional. "amazingly what he'sdone,and he took care of bethwhenshe was reallyi'lland he did it withlove it was amazing." according to vin winkle over the ten years they have donw this tournament they have raise over one hundredthousand dollars. in saltillo xavier harrs wtva nine news. thank you xavier for
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