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Two 18 Wheelers in West Point caught fire

May 24 2018

Posted: Thu May 24 17:25:22 PDT 2018
Updated: Thu May 24 17:25:22 PDT 2018

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we continue to follow a breaking story... you saw first right here on wtva nine news at four,,, two 18 wheelers burst into flames at a gas station in west point...a close call for everyone involved. wtva xavier harris joins us live at the scene after speaking with one of the workers. craig emily, these two trucks behind me were engulfed in flames and as you can see they are just inches away from septic tanks, one of the workers here tell me this could have be a lot worse. ." pkg moe gh/gas station worker :17 that made me scared a little bit that's why i called the fire department so quickly i have septic tank over there it doesn't burn like any tank. they have a little more safety on it and you can always control that with a fire. he says he is thankful the firefighters got here as quickly as they did and that the driver of that 18 wheeler is o-k sot "i'm scared about my customer i know him he's one of my best customers he's a good guy." of course the fire is still under investigation, but i did get a chance to speak with the driver of that truck, i'll have that coming up at 6 live in west point xavier harris wtva 9 news read more on this story..
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