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FBI cracks down on fake social media threats

May 23,2018

Posted: Wed May 23 16:36:41 PDT 2018
Updated: Wed May 23 16:36:42 PDT 2018

Speech to Text for FBI cracks down on fake social media threats

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campaign to educate the public on the consequences of posting hoax threats to schools and other public places. .wtva xavier harris joins us live after speaking with the lee county sheriff who says these hoaxes are not a joke. craig emily, after the recent rash of tragic school shootings.... sheriff jim johnson says law-enforcement take ublic and social media threats very seriously. the fbi says itfollows up on every tipagents receivefrom the public and analyze and investigate all public threats to determine their credibility. the agency is releasing new psas about how social media threats can land you in a lot of trouble. sot (fbi psa) 'at the time i just wasn't thinking, i got arrestedby the fbi and now i don't know what my future looks like." sot "if you make any type of public threat at physical harm to someone death or something other than that there is a form of simple assault by the state statue if you put that person in immediate fear or danger of injury or death" stand up sheriff johnson says some studentshave no intentions on going through with the threat. he says they just want their 15 minutes of fame. sot "you don't allow this to be a platform for somebody to become famous because that's the notoriety is when a lot of them do it for attention they can't get it from anywhereelse so they create this environment." recently schools in the around the area had some threats posted on social media and one student even brought a gun and sheriff johnson they acted quickly and effectively. sot "we found a weapon atnettltonschool there was a kid that brought the gun to school and bragged to somebody else about it and they reported it. now coming up at six sheriff johnson tells me how parents could be effected if there child post threats online for now live in lee county xavier haris wtva nine news starting to get a better picture
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