Protecting children from hidden dangers in the home

Monday, May 21, 2018

Posted: Mon May 21 21:06:46 PDT 2018
Updated: Mon May 21 21:06:46 PDT 2018

Speech to Text for Protecting children from hidden dangers in the home

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your home that could harm your children? in tonight's special report, wtva's madison heil talks to one mother who is taking the necessary steps to make her house safe as well as an early childhood educationexpert who knows what to be on the lookout for. standard ." as live intro: there are many things both inside and outside your home that can harm your children, but there are ways to protect them. let's go inside andtake a look. "nats" this is katie burch(wtva meteorologist and acct. exec)and her8 month old daughter lucy who is already starting to move around the house. "she's sitting up really well she's inching across the floor and she's already pulling up to stand. which is why burch has her eyes peeled for hidden dangers. according to the cdc, accidental injury is the leading cause of death among children in the u.s. and the world health organization says accidental injury kills more than 2,000 children every day. just last month in florida, a tv fell off of its standontop ofa four year oldboy and killed him. but furniture can be stabilized to prevent these accidents. "we did getthis safety thingthat you harness the tv to." for more ways to prevent accidents i spoke with child develoment specialist cathy grace. and part of how babies learn is through exploration." but before you do anything, grace says its imperative to have a fire extinguisher on hand andsmoke alarms "nats" always checking that they work. "some of the first things people think about is electrical plugs and to buy the electrical protectors." "we have gone ahead and covered up every single outlet she could possibly get her fingers in." now grace says different rooms of the house have different safety issues. when it comes to the bathroom be cautious of hard surfaces such as the floor or bathtub as well as harmful substances. and the same goes for the kitchen....which is where cabinet locks come in handyto keep up cleaning suppliesand medications. things to be mindful of in the living room....fireplace s, cords and of coursestairs. and oneimportant thing not to forget, guns which should be unloaded and locked away. " i don't want people to be paranoid and think well i can't have anything in my house the way you're talking but it's more about seeing the world through their eyes. and with their eyes they learn a lot. "they are very observant. lucy's learned so fast. andsowhat is grace's biggest peiece of advice when it comes to protecting your children from your home? "watch your baby" as live tag: if you're a parent who would like more information on how to protect your child from your home, you can go to the family resource center in your community or look up other resources online. reporting in tupelo, madison heil for wtva nine news. the sec baseball tournament begins tomorrow in
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