Keeping the Bees Alive

Researchers are fighting to save local honey bees

Posted: Thu Apr 19 15:53:32 PDT 2018
Updated: Thu Apr 19 15:53:32 PDT 2018

Speech to Text for Keeping the Bees Alive

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population has had its troubles in recent years facing all sorts of issues as their numbers decline. but scientist all over the world are working solve the problems and keep the bees humming on our behalf. wayne hereford has more. ." "here i am in lee county mississippi behind me is a swarm of bees clustered onto a tree.its on the property of a man named roger hussey who is a bee keeper. he is about to retrieve those bees." hussey believes that the bees are our friends and so do scientists. they are not the only pollinators on the earth, but they are very important. they pollinate many of the plants that we use for food and other needs. of course there is one thing that we all know about that they produce, and that's honey. hussey admits he's a hobbyist. but he believes he can help save the bees from disappearing as they face many challenges including the varroa mite. "there's a particular pest i guess you'd call him.the varroa mite.and that's a primary concern. years ago people didn't have to worry with the varroa mites and hive beetles. .and those are two things that have really hurt the bee industry." but he says the bees have a fighting chance thanks to research and technology and learning smarter ways of keeping them
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