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Starkville Pride Meeting 6

Starkville Pride Meeting 6

Posted: Mon Mar 12 19:33:28 PDT 2018
Updated: Mon Mar 12 19:33:28 PDT 2018

Speech to Text for Starkville Pride Meeting 6

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a pride parade planned for later this month will take place in starkville. this after the board of aldermen reconsidered and voted in favor of the event. w-t-v-a's daniella oropeza has been following this story since we first broke it two weeks ago. she joins us live after speaking with residents on both sides. the board room was packed with many having to watch outside and listen to live a stream version of the meeting. and like you said, theplan for starkville's first pride parade is back on. but not before residents for and against this event spoke before the board. "we did it." a permit for a gay pride parade came down to a final vote by mayor lynn spruill to break a tied vote. "it was a very easy decision because i never thought it should've been an issue in the first place." in the end all but one aldermen voted. "alderman little...abstain..." "i did not know that it was going to turn out thatwaybutitdoes not surprise me that he rethought his position." residents for and against the event were able to speak before the public but both sides were only allowed fifteen minutes. (nat) "i think the aldermen see that this is what we want, this is what we deserve. and we should be proud because the point of pride is to be proud of who we are, especially as a city. and i'm really proud of my city right now." "we want to make sure that when this pride parade happens, that it is not going to be like it is those in san francisco or in boston where you see all manner of evil happening in the streets in public. not here in starkville." "i'm a gay man. i live here in ms and unfortunately ms gets a bad rep for being back woods and we're not. it's inclusive and i'm glad that they've decided to move forward and include everyone." "i think it means that we are moving forward." and starkville's first pride parade will happen on march 24thright here on main street. live in starkville. daniella oropeza. wtva nine news. at , matt's now here with a
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