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Joel's weather update at 10 a.m. on Feb. 22

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Posted: Thu Feb 22 08:12:14 PST 2018
Updated: Thu Feb 22 08:12:14 PST 2018

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welcome back, you are watching wtva 9news this morning, the time is now 10:00 a.m. and we continue to track these heavy downpours. here's a look at some pictures and sent into us this morning. with heavy rain, flooded roads, this near turkey creek and southern alla bush economy, this picture sent in by david. in this picture you can see a flood and what appears to be a ballpark. you can see lamp posts, and fences flooded completely. you can see why these are areas under an aerial flood advisory, that means a standing water in many places and in some cases you have flash flooding such as this picture sent to us by our own chief meteorologist we took this picture while traveling along beach springs road he got to this point, turned around because you could see the water was rushing from one side to the other and the reason why he turned around is when you try to drive over this whether you have four wheel drive, whether a bigger vehicle, that can easily erode and if you were to drive through it it could have the road could have caved in. here's a look at where some of the heavier rain is now tracking over to alabama, could be if you have your wind gusts but looks like this is weakening overall as it tracks into areas of higher pressure, moving toward the south and west you can see more heavy rainfall tracking through parts of montgomery county, slow moving stuff right now from stewart toward wenona along highway 82 and continual heavy rainfall through parts of granada county and up into parts of yellow bush, calhoun and fayette. this is gradually starting to thin out and stop to will seed into the lunchtime and early afternoon. we still have flash flood warnings aerial flood warnings as well across the area, we are going to be dealing with this at least the remnants of the rainfall over the next several hours, temperatures drop down to 48 in oxford, 75 in columbus, approaching 80. a wide variety of temperatures. the sun shining in some parts of our area, we managed to pick up anywhere from roughly 1 to 3 and in some cases about four inches of rainfall, we will do a quick query back to the delta you can see in southern talent chance she county there's been a report of six inches of rainfall. in the delta four inches, down here to the north and west of indianola about five inches of rainfall. through the next several hours the rainfall diminishes, still a couple isolated heavy downpours, any rain we have out there in addition to what we've already seen will be a problem, as we go through the afternoon looks like we dry out some, more rain filters into the area into the night tonight into tomorrow with isolated showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. could see about 30 to 40% chance of rain tomorrow. adding another half inch to 2 and a half inches to what we've already seen between now and sunday, just hopefully we catch enough breaks in between so we don't have to deal with additional flash flooding, here's a look at severe weather potential into saturday, level ii on that scale of 1 to 5. right now it's in the cold code yellow into saturday. here's your seven day forecast, saturday is the day we really need to pay attention to the potential for strong damaging winds, hail, isolated tornado is not out of the question. sunday looks to be mostly high of
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