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5 false report of shooting

false report of school shooting

Posted: Wed Feb 21 18:24:09 PST 2018
Updated: Wed Feb 21 18:24:09 PST 2018

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weeks shooting at a florida school, law enforcement officers across the country have had to deal with false reports of of threats at school. wtva daranesha herron joins us live from choctaw county where they are among a growing list of schools dealing with the situation. the assistant superintendant who didn't want to speak on cameratells me this all started because a student brought a duffle bag to school that some students rumored had a gun in it but inreality,it was only extra clothes to stay at a friends house. ." choctaw county chief deputy lee upchurch released this statement saying he got a call from a parentfriday about a student at choctaw county highschoolwitha duffle bag threatening to shoot up the school. after four days of investigating students they found out it was all rumors and the young man who only moved here in january was being bullied. he also said what bothered him the most was that adultsusedthe juvenilesfull name on social media to claim the studenthad a hitlist..which did not exist. residents i spoke with in town had mixed reactions to the parents role in spreading these rumors. "the parents should have waited until they had all theinformation.they should have waiteduntilthey talked to the super intendant or theprincipal.notonly is this going to follow this student for the rest of the school year and possibly for the rest of his life, that's not fair. "you have to look at both sides yes he's newbut theyprobablyjumped to conclusions they didn't have to jump toconclusions, butwe did have 3 shootings this week in different areasso whenthey hear about a gun this will automatically jump to conclusions. i spoke to the sheriff and he did tell me it took a lot of money in overtime andman power to get to the botttom of these rumors not to mention... putting a halton working on actual crimes. theassistant superintendant told me the principal did talked with students about how bullying and spreading rumors can be detrimentalto someones life. reporting live in choctaw county im daranesh herron wtva9news a man is still on
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