Parents on alert after possible Snapchat threat in Corinth

Police in Corinth were stationed at all three schools in the city after a possible threat was made against the city's high school on Saturday.

Posted: Feb. 19, 2018 7:29 PM
Updated: Feb. 19, 2018 7:29 PM

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relief in corinth among students and parents. this after areported threat made to the highschool over the weekend. wtva's rebecca butcher spoke with school officials and joins us live with howparents are reacting. i saw at least two police vehiclesat the high school afterthis alleged threat. it may have come from a snapchat, but nothing's been verified by authorities. even so, many parents opted to keep their kids out of class, just in case. many parents areon alert after they got wind of thereported threat to corinth's high school. cheryl smith, granddaughter attends middle school smith: "i was shocked, it was scary. to know that you've got a granddaughter that could be in danger. it's kind ofscary." it has some students worried aswell... hughuey: "whenhe saw it, he took screen shots and sent me the postand said we got to move, this can't be going onhere." the school district and corinth police relased a statementon saturday's reported threat...syaing it mighthave come from snapchat. police have still not verified it...evenso police officers were at all three schools monday as a precaution. but still fresh in manyminds is the highschool shooting in parkland florida, that took the lives of 17people. smith:because of the florida shooting, shedidnot feel comfortable. i know there's cops inall oftheschools, but it's still very unnerving." chief raplh dance tells me someone notified a supervisor after the reported threat. for one mother, she trusted police officers would do their job if anythinghappened. hughuey:"i just told him the cops are there, go to school and do what you're supposed to do. we can't worry about people and why they want to do things like that." the school day has come and gone with no reported incidents. this is an ongoing investigation. live in corinth, rb wtva nine news. meanwhile, two
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