Update on icy roads across the area

The snow is gone, but ice is causing travel problems.

Posted: Thu Jan 18 03:22:23 PST 2018
Updated: Thu Jan 18 03:22:23 PST 2018

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look at the roads there. since i last saw you guys at 5.. the temperature has dropped out here in new albany..during the day though it was pretty sunny to where most of the snow melted on the haven't had much trouble getting is some video i took earlier today... i was walking around some neighborhoods and you can see how much snow was in certain spots.even from the looks of the video you can see all sunny skies we had this afternoon.that definitely helped on many back- roads here in union county.. most of them looked as if drivers had the all clear..but some roads which were blocked by trees were still covered in snow.the sheriff told me his deputies were checking some of those spots today because they can still turn to ice... especially by the time some of you will be getting ready to head to work in the morning.and it's pretty much the same story for those in tippah county, itawamba county, tishomingo and monroe. the itawamba county sheriff told me the shaded roads there were pretty bad.. the worst he has seen in a while. most of the ema directors i spoke with today say the roads are for the most part clear.. but still advise drivers to take it slow in the morning.reporti ng live from union co sw wtva 9 news. snowy the snow definitely made traveling difficult. i've been staying at this hotel in starkville for the past two days. i've talked with workers and guest who have had some trouble dealing with our winter weather.of course just bitter. it's really miserable to be out right now just to get to your car and get it many e-m-a directors and city officials in and around the county urged drivers to stay in, some had no choice but to get out in the troubling conditionsin my opinion it was better this morning than it was yesterday. it maybe because no one else was there. it wasn't nearly as starkville highway 12 looks a tad bit different then it did early tuesday, causing guest and workers to make some changes at this hiltonwe'e had quite a few cancelations and we've been very lenient towards canceling with a short notice with guest that were supposed to come today and yesterday.other guest added extra nights to avoid traveling in the weather. as a few roads were closed overnightapparently it was icy and they weren't able to keep anyone off of it. they just wanted to make sure their were no guest told me the cold winter mix didn't only impact the roadwayswe've had buildings with pipe freezing. a little bit of water damage in a few starkville ss wtva 9 news the snow may have stopped area. here in oxford the sun has thawed out a lot of the roads. but that sun is gone and as you can see here along jackson avenue there are still some areas with ice expecially those parts of roads that are shaded. so if you are out and about still use caution. alot of roads like this one are half thawed out and half covered with ice. the lafaette county ema director and oxford police say that most of the main roads and highways are drivable but several county roads are still frozen over. specifically those that haven't seen any sun yet. i did notice many areas around town had salt and sand laid out. mdot worked all day yesterday and overnight to make roads passable, but as we go into the evening police are encourging you still be very careful out on the roads. "just because you're driving on a road that doesn't have any ice doesn't mean there isn't going to be any ice up ahead. so still continue to watch your speeds watch the roads. if you happen to hit a patch of ice don't hit your breaks just kind of coast through it." also the same goes for calhoun, webster, yalobusha, winston, oktibbeha and montgomery counties. most roads are drive-able but spotty. and bridges and overpasses are still very icy. i spoke with a few drivers at a gas station up the road who told me roads were a lot better than yesterday. after speaking with officials from multiple counties across the area, everyone is saying to still be careful. take your time and drive slow in areas with ice as it is still melting and could refreeze again overnight. reporting live in oxford, mh wtva 9 news. in oktibbeha
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