East Webster basketball coach preparing for mission trip

January 17, 2018

Posted: Wed Jan 17 17:47:00 PST 2018
Updated: Wed Jan 17 17:47:00 PST 2018

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east webster and south pontotoc's boys and girls basketball teams played each other at the historic hoosier gym in knightstown, indiana. the gym was made famous in the movie "hoosiers." that's roughly a ten-hour trip of around 500 to 600 miles. in a few months, east webster's head coach, michael seger, and his family will be embarking on another trip. it will not involve playinga basketball game, and it will be thousands of miles away. ) jim: "it's a wednesday afternoon practice at east webster high school. the boys and girls' basketball teams are in the middle of their season, their last under head coach michael seger. in april, seger and his family will leave for a two-year mission trip to uganda." seger: "kellie and i have both been on previous short-term mission trips, and after doing a bible study at our church, we began to pray about doing long term missions, and we felt the lord was leading us to do that, and as we began to pray, doors began to open, and opportunties began to present themselves. kellie and i will be serving as co-directors of the house of hope. the house of hope is a home for vulnerable children, otherwise known as an orphanage, but i'll also be the headmaster of a school." jim: "since announcing they would be leaving, the family has been busy, packing and selling belongings. seger has also made sure the program would be in good hands. his former mentor, jon ginn, has been assisting this season and will succeed him as head coach. ginn has also been involved in ministry for 20 years." ginn: " just encourage him, because if the lord calls you somewhere, he's going to provide what you need, whether it's financial, whether it's safety, and so, i know he's going where the lord's called him to go, and so, my advice to him is go with your whole heart, and just know that the lord's going to take care of you." jim: "seger's players say they were shocked to learn he would be leaving, but they say they plan to make the best of it while he's still with them." brand: "it's coach seger's last season here, i think it motivates all of us to make it a great one for him, and a great one for us." bryant: "it's kind of good that people do good things like that for other people, because right now, he's about to get ready to leave all of his family and friends behind, and just go and do a good job." jim: "seger says some of the players have talked about coming to visit uganda to help with the ministry, and he hopes the mission trip will inspire others." seger: "we just want to honor the lord with our obedience, and we hope that people will see his love by our time and ministry there in uganda, and we also hope that our willingness to go will encourage others here to see the gospel as worthy of being obedient, and that there's a world full of people who need to know about the love of christ." as we said, the segers' initial commitment to the mission trip to uganda is for two years. they have the option to recommit each year after that. meanwhile, back on the basketball court, east webster's next games are friday at j.z. george. that's sports. more
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