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Alan's Saturday Morning Forecast

Alan's Saturday Morning Forecast

Posted: Sat Jan 13 05:22:59 PST 2018
Updated: Sat Jan 13 05:22:59 PST 2018

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>>> now your wtva severe weather forecast with meteorologist allen matthews. >>> allen: waking up on your saturday morning, many of us are still going to be dealing with the impacts from yesterday's mix of wintry weather, a mixture of sleet, freezing rain, and even some freezing drizzle as we go throughout the day and a lot of that continues to be present on the roadways and bridges as you work your way up towards the tennessee state line. >> looking towards the south as we go up 32. road conditions won't be an issue up there. mississippi state campus falling to 28 degrees and temperatures falling to a way below average. meanwhile, this is what you're dealing with as you go back towards memphis, bridges are icy. you just look at them and see maybe i should not be out here. other cases not so apparent. if you can avoid it at all, do so. live in tupelo, this is the remainder of the morning. only about 20 degrees by noon time and 32 degrees so just barely hitting or slightly exceeding the freezing mark. not going to help alleviate the conditions on the road for us. >> to add to that, we still have a few flakes from time to time. reports up there through the morning. seeing a few flurries occurring and that might continue as we go further in the morning but don't expect any meaningful accumulation to be out of that. wind chill on the other hand are still in the single digits coming across the tennessee state line. high pressure is settled to the north and all of the cold air continues moving through there. if it was not for the sun, temperatures would continue falling off even colder than they are. we're still dealing with single digits at that point and warming up towards upper teens and mid teens. 3:00 p.m., this is the warmest it's going to feel feeling like the teens. and we're going to relax and drop extra temperatures for you sunday morning. this is the front bringing drier colder air. and that continues scooting across the great lakes region coupled with that high pressure beneath it. >>> negative 20 in bismark and minneapolis. on storm tracker, this will keep our skies mainly clear especially once we get in colder air. heading into sunday morning, we'll have a few clouds in build in way above our heads as all of it pushes through here. it's not until we have a chance for some more wintry mix. as we head into monday night on tuesday morning, it will start to pop up. the motive for the precipitation, we're going to work our way up there. just know the potential is going to be present as we get a front there. >>> and yesterday is very cold. tomorrow is even colder with lingering travel issues. focus or attention towards wednesday morning.
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