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Braxton Family Petititions

Family of dead girl still ttrying to get case heard in court

Posted: Wed Jan 03 15:17:51 PST 2018
Updated: Wed Jan 03 15:17:52 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Braxton Family Petititions

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she got off of a school bus near her home in pontotoc county. but the driver who hit her that day was never indicted and the family has been seeking a day in court ever since. wayne hereford looks at the family's latest attempt. ." standup.."the case of seven-year old amiyah braxton has gained a lot of attention the last couple of years here in pontotoc coun ty., this latest move includes the family with 26-hundred pus signatures on a petition they say hoping to get theri case heard before the pontotoc county grand jury." the grand jury is meeting this week to decide which cases they will hear. the family presented the petitions to one of the assistant district attorneys at the courthouse this ,they hope, will show the the district attorney's office the support they have for a case and get it placeed on the court docket right now.. "i want to let you know that not all of the pettions are in. so this really doesn't reflect the accurate number of pontotoc county citizens who want justice to be done." "we're not asking for anything unreasonable. we're just asking fo the law to be upheld." the family refereed to nathan's law which requires motorists to stop at least 10 feet from a school bus when loading or offloading children. the state department of education says that a violation of that law could mean a felony assault charge or up to a 20-year sentence. but none of that will happen the braxton .family satys, unless the case of their daughter's death is heard. standup.."now whether or not these petitions will be effective in getting the ffamily's case heard remains to be seen.but the family says even if it does not.,they plan to continue their fight. in pontotoc wayne hereford wtva nine news. monroe county sheriff's department
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