Arrests made, items recovered in burglaries

The arrests were made in Monroe County, and Webster County is looking at the suspects for burglaries there.

Posted: Thu Dec 07 16:38:36 PST 2017
Updated: Thu Dec 07 16:38:36 PST 2017

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pair justin strong and james cousins are still here in the monroe county jail. they were found with several guns, among other things and now face a slew of charges. i got off from work yesterday. the back door was kicked in. i walked to the gun cabinet and ever gun i had was gone. a few hours later, sheriff cantrell says justin strong and james cousins were found with most of these guns, these guys are in a lot trouble. we don't know how many break-ins. we know of two break ins they did here in monroe county. but we have a lot of other items that we don't know where they came from yet. we do know they are stolen the duo are facing multiple charges, and the sheriff says their crimes may have spread. he's advising victims who may have cameras to look for men in either a pig, or black and camouflage masks. we gone have several guns that are not from these two particular break-ins we solved yesterday. we just assume if it's not in our county it'll be in our surrounding counties. as for the kinsey family they were lucky to get their stuff back, and urge all residents to be proactive don't sit there and thank it's just you and you alone. call your law enforcement. 99% of the time. they already know what's going on. the sheriff adds if you recognize some of the items retrieved and can prove it is yours to come to the monroe county sheriff's department. in aberdeen ss wtva 9 news meanwhile, blue mountain
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