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Moore/Jones & Trump: Alabamians weigh in

In Alabama, Roy Moore pulled out all the stops in a last ditch effort to change the outcome of the Senate race. Was it too little too late? Should he have just thrown in the towel? Alabamians react to that and a Gallup Poll that said Donald Trump is the SECOND-most admired man in the country.

Posted: Dec 28, 2017 6:29 PM

EDITOR'S' NOTE: Thursday was a day for finding out what the people think! In Alabama, Roy Moore refused to concede the U.S. Senate race, filing a lawsuit in a failed attempt to stop the post-election certification of his Democratic opponent Doug Jones. And a new Gallup poll says Donald Trump -- highly visible in that Alabama race -- is the second most admired man in the country, behind former president Barack Obama. So what do Alabamians think about all this? WTVA’s Mike Russell spent much of the day in Hamilton, Alabama - and filed this story.

HAMILTON, AL (WTVA) - In a highly contentious special election a little over two weeks ago, Judge Roy Moore was defeated by Doug Jones by about 20,000 votes in that Senate race. But Moore refused to concede, instead filing a lawsuit in a failed effort to keep Jones from being certified. Was it too little too late? Should he have just given up the ship?  I asked Alabamians.

TERRY LOLLEY: "If they [were] wrong, and they can prove it, let it be done, because I think the man [Roy Moore] has a right, just like everybody else does."

BILLY WILLIAMS: "[Roy Moore] lost the election, so he should move on. But if he feels like there's been an injustice -- and he believes that he's innocent -- keep fighting."

SELENA UMFRESS: "I think he should give up and move on."

DENZEL MITCHELL: "I just feel like he should just give up and move on. I mean, it's over with. The election is done, and everybody has voted, and [they want whoever they voted for] to be [in the] Senate."

JACOB WALKER: "The lawsuit - I think it's just unnecessary. He needs to go home."

So there you have it. Alabamians are fairly split on what Roy Moore should have done. But what about Donald Trump? A new Gallup poll says the president is the second most admired man in the country behind the former president. That’s unusual because the man in the oval office is usually the one who tops the list. So what do people think about that?

TERRY LOLLEY: "I think people are just jealous of him, because he's standing up to his word, saying he was going to drain the swamp. And if that's what it takes to bring our economy and bring our state or country back to the way it used to be, do it."

BILLY WILLIAMS: "This is America, you know, and we have the right to our own opinions. If they feel like he's the "second most", then that's they way it should be."

SELENA UMFRESS: "I like him because he wants to bring Christ back into Christmas - and I think he should be at the top of the list."

DENZEL MITCHELL: "If people could re-elect the president again, I feel like Donald Trump wouldn't be in [the race]. I mean, just because things have been going on in the world, and now, how everybody's eyes have been opened up, it's tough."

JACOB WALKER: "Personally, I don't pay much attention to it, but it kind of seems like just another media stab at the president."

So the people have weighed in. Roy Moore loses his fight, Doug Jones is certified, and Donald Trump is still number two. That’s politics as we head into the new year.

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