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VIDEO: Officials talk Saltillo water issues

Aug 7 2018

Posted: Tue Aug 07 20:28:57 PDT 2018
Updated: Wed Aug 08 07:17:02 PDT 2018

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alderman said the slow down is caused by financing.... wtva's xavier harris was at the meeting and he joins us with the latest. some residence here in saltillo were excited about the news of having clear water, now you may remember that residents living west of highway 45 was experienceing tinted water since september. after a 4 hour public meeting with city commisioner brandon presley the city agreed to switch over from well water to river water and tonight meetings was to discuss a contract given to the city by the northeast mississippi regional water supplydistrictand the city of saltillo may now have to wait another two months before seeing clear water again. possible ." residents of saltillo were hoping to have theirtinted water problem being resolved by friday but after a city hall meeting tuesday, they were told they would have to wait yet another month. "i do not understand why we have to wait to get fresh water, or good water when the rest of the town has decent water already." residents wanted to know why couldn't the city switch over just the one side of town that was experiencing the tinted water versus the whole city. "that is for the fire protection. if we swap over back like it was the west side would not have the fire protection that they should have so we decided to wait." a resident who did not want to go on camera say after going to meeting after meeting she now doesn't know if she will ever see clear water in her home. "we thoughttonightwould be a no brainer and we would get that river water turned on fridaybut after tonight i don't know when we are going to get it on." one of thealdermansays they want to get the city clear water as soon as possible but financial hiccups are slowing them down. "we were really wanting the clear water and get the surface water voted on and we got that voted on,it'sjust financing takes a little longer than we were participatingon once it gets approve the switch over will take place as soon as possible." inside the contract the board discussed tonight they found out it would be around 180,000 to switch over from well water to river water and they are now waiting on the approvval from three rivers before they can begin the switch over. live in saltillo xavier harris wtva nine news. new at 10, the
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