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Grandma allegedly attacked at dog park

A Tampa grandmother said she was attacked at Northwest County dog park on Tuesday after a couple got mad that her dog...

Posted: Mar 16, 2018 12:36 AM
Updated: Mar 16, 2018 12:36 AM

A Tampa grandmother said she was attacked at Northwest County dog park on Tuesday after a couple got mad that her dog was playing too rough.

Terri Pisczek said a woman began cursing at her because her lab "Rocco" bit their dog's ear.

"She said 'you don't need to be in the park, you need to take your f'ing dog out of the park' she said, 'you need to give me your f'ing information your personal information,'" Pisczek said.

Pisczek says she refused and that's when the couple began cursing and yelling at her for several more minutes.

Pisczek said the couple claimed they were calling the cops. So she waited.

When law enforcement never showed up and Pisczek said she had taken enough verbal abuse, she put her dog Rocco in the car and then went back to grab her other dog, "Rascal."

When she walked back to get Rascal, her Parson Russell Terrier, the man was holding him by the collar.

"I told him three times to let my dog go," Pisczek said. "He's like what the 'F' can you do about it."

Pisczek says she takes medicine, survived open heart surgery and isn't strong enough to defend herself. She says she again apologized and asked for the man to let her dog go.

Instead, she said he opened the dog gate and let him out. She gave chase trying to make sure Rascal didn't run off. When she caught up with her dog she says the man hit her in the face.

"He openly backhanded me. He looked right at me to make sure he got me in the face," Pisczek said. "To be hit, that hard, by a total stranger it's actually traumatizing. You go home, you come home you think it'll go away in a couple hours, the thoughts. It doesn't. It just lingers on there are people out there like that."

Pisczek was already snapping photos to defend herself. She continued taking photos as the man and woman got into an SUV and took off. Pisczek said from there things got more intense.

"I thought are they going to run me over. It felt like they are going to try and kill me," Pisczek said. "I also suspected, what if they are trying to run over my little dog? Revenge. They wanted revenge because their dog's ear got scratched."

As the couple sped away Pisczek said she took more photos capturing a partial plate. The vehicle is a dark in color Acura SUV.

Pisczek said she is OK but has a bruise on her forehead and headaches. She takes blood thinners and worries if she has a concussion. She plans to see a doctor if the headaches don't go away.

Pisczek is hopeful someone recognizes the couple in the photos and turn them into police. Pisczek said the woman was verbally abusive but did not hit her. Investigators said the man could face felony battery charges on the elderly.

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