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july 4 6:30 anchoring-madison

july 4 6:30 anchoring-madison

Posted: Wed Jul 18 21:07:57 PDT 2018
Updated: Wed Jul 18 21:07:57 PDT 2018

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the pond .... police in london say the two people found unconscious in southern england on saturday were exposed to the same military grade nerve agent used to attack an ex- russian spy .... the pair remain in critical condition in a hospital just a few miles from where former double agent sergei skripal and his daughter were poisoned in march ... british counter terrorism officers are investigating the possibility of a connection between the two attacks ... good evening...and happy fourth of july everyone. i'm madison heil... lets head to meteorologist john dolusicfor a look at what's going on with the weather right now ahead of tonight's celebrations. as we go through the evening and overnight hours we will see some more isolated showers and thunderstorms linger in our area. otherwise, we will see mostly clear to partly cloudy skies as the rule. overnight low temperatures will drop off down into the middle 70s in most areas. winston county authoritiesneed your helpidentifyinga man wanted for questioning concerning recent thefts... this is who police are looking for... take a good look at this photo... sheriff jason pugh sayshe is wanted for questioning concerningrecent thefts from the kosciusko walmart.... police are also looking fora vehicle....believedto havea winston county tag.... if you have any information, contact the winston county sheriff's office... in lowndes county,,,, the search continues for a missing teen... this is 16 year old donavon prather.... the lowndes county sheriff's department says prather left his home june 29th and has not returned... according to officials... pratherwas reportedly spotted in the new hope area monday night.... we're told he was traveling in a four-door silver or gray mercury grand ( marqui ) marquis with an unknown white female and a small girl....heading towards ethelsville, alabama.... anyone with information is asked to contact the lowndes county sheriff's department.... today... we are learning more about a decision by aberdeen aldermen.... a unanimous vote to cut mayor maurice howard's salary by 15,000 dollars. why? because they say he hasn't been doing his duties effectively.... but the mayor says the board is trying to monitor his every move. wtva's rebecca butcher sat down with him and has this report... complete and utter chaos howard: "first of all i want to apologize for my dress code it is the fourth of july." i reached out to mayor howard who says he was not caught off guard by the 15 thousand dollar salary cut, but does say aldermen agreed to not have a quorum due to out of town plans. the mayor was absent. "they purposefully did that so they could do what they did last night." after an hour long executive session aberdeen's board of aldermen voted 4-0to cut mayor's salary. he was earning 44,054 dollars annually. ((standup)) the board says they made their decision because mayor howard hasn't been available to the public, has been absent from day to day activities at city hall and was not engaging with the board. "if i don't do exactly what they say, they hurt the city. you take away the festival to hurt me but you're hurtingthe citizens. you turn down jobs to hurt me but you're hurting the citizens. the board also voted to suspend all of the mayor's out of town travel because they said he failed to give receipts, which is required by law. in april, mayor howard's city owned-car was found in alabama. "this picture right here represents the city of aberdeen. no of these people on this side of me wants to see change in the city. as long as those people are sitting upstairs, we will have complete and utter chaos." we did reach out to members of the board,,, but haven't gotten a we did reach out to members of the board,,, but haven't gotten a response back yet .... read more on this story.. including responses from resident in the area ,,,, right now.. using the all-new wtva nine news app. the app gives you instant access to the latest news as well as breaking news from across the area. the new app is free and available now for all apple and android smartphones and tablets starkville residents will soon have to pay more for water. our news partner, the starkville daily news, reports the board of aldermen voted last night to slight increases to begin in september. the aldermen approved a rate hike of three dollars and 25 cents per one thousand gallons. the current rate is 2-dollars and 26 cents. city leaders believe the additional monies will help improve infrastructure repairs. we're told the pipes in the city are more than 60 years old. an ongoing water problem for residents in saltillo is about to be turned up a notch... public service commissioner brandon presley has scheduled a public hearing for the residents to discuss the brown water plaguing many in the community. presley says he met with aldermen last month about the brown water, but clearly nothing was resolved. customers will be able to voice their concerns at the meeting... which is set for tomorrow night at saltillo city hall.... you would think that news of a public meeting that could lead to better water for the city would have residents excited. but, at least one resident is skeptical.... ." :14 i'm interested in what kind of excuses are going to be given like the four inch pipes. i would hope they are going to resolve something but i have my doubts. the meeting will be held atsaltillo city hall tomorrow night at 6pm. a reminder about a phone scam going around right now... this is most recently happening in lee county ... the sheriff's department says people are being told there is a warrant for their arrest for missing jury duty ... the caller then asks for a green dot money card to pay the fine... if you get one of these calls,,, report it immediately.... the defense in the jessica chambers case accuses the district attorney of misconduct and witness tampering. that's according to the clarion ledger. the newspaper reports court documents were filed by quentin tellis' attorney on monday. in the documents, tellis' attorney claims john champion attempted to sway a witness to testify that chambers would often refer to tellis as eric. tellis was charged with capital murder in the 2014 burning death of jessica chambers. tellis faces a retrial on september 24th. an armed and dangerous inmate escapes from prison in holmes county. michael amos is considered armed and dangerous. he escaped from the holmes humprheys correctional facility in lexington in addition to burglary and aggravated asault charges amos faces two counts of armed robbery and felony taking of a vehicle if you see amos call 911 two mississippi men die in a crash while being pursued by a marion county deputy. marion county sheriff deputies say the driver kevin allen was driving recklessly trying to avoid a safety checkpoint fleeing onto highway 98 they say allen andone of his passengers died after the vehicle ran off the shoulder of the road, overturned before hitting some trees. mississippi highway patrol is investigating the fatal crash. the active killing of deer to test for chronic wasting disease has ended. the mississippi department of wildlife, fisheries and parks making the announcement this week. more than 400 deer were killed after a deer tested positive for c-w-d in ( issa-queena ) issaquena county. it is the first disease in the state. so far no other c-w-d positive deer have been found. while a big topic of conversation today centers around fireworks... we can't forget the food ... but there's something you should be careful of if you are gathering around the grill ...find out what next. as we go through the evening and overnight hours we will see some more isolated showers and thunderstorms linger in our area. otherwise, we will see mostly clear to partly cloudy skies as the rule. overnight low temperatures will drop off down into the middle 70s in most areas. welcome back to wtva nine news at six thirty, im madison heil. many communities came together today to celebrate family and america's freedom... in tupelo today, the annual 4th of july parade in the joyner area neighborhood. there were decorated trucks, bikes and even wagons. a couple of politicians even joined in the parade fun... residents lined the streets... several waving flags... neighborssay they enjoy the fellowship. martha miller has lived in the joyner area for 58 years and says she has never missed a parade. "oh, it;s really special. not only do people turn out to be in the parade, they line the streets to wave and watch the parade. "the fire works and hanging out with my family." residents in thehighland circle neighborhood also hosted a 4th of july parade this morning as welll.. senator cindyhyde-smith was one of many political figures celebrating the fourth stumping for votes in north mississippi. about 18 politicians including u-s senate candidates democrat mike espy, and republican chris mcdaniel..attended. the festival did not only focus on campaigning, but arts, fellowship, and remembrance it's just a hometown community you get the hometownlove. it's just ahistoricallyplace many people used to live here than they do now. things wrapped up around two this afternoon there's no bigger fourth of july tradition than fireworks!... if you're looking to celebrate the holidayby watching a display,,, you can catchone in several local cities... starkville, tupelo, and saltillo will all have fireworks celebrations... the times are listed on your screen... and one more note... tupelo is being recognized as one of the top 5 small towns that are big on patriotism... today's all-america city family picnic in the park..attracts visitors from all over the state... other celebrations today include farmington and plantersville... a full list of celebrations can be found on our website, wtva dot com.... and if you are going to be setting off fireworks yourself instead of going to a show,,, you need to know many cities have ordinances against them inside the city limits ... tupelo, columbus, starkville, and west point are just some of the examples of where the law strictly prohibits private fireworks. in most cases you may get a warning or citation if you are caught.... tupelo p-d says during this time of year they get an increase in people shooting fireworks where they shouldn't.... the fineis about 250 dollars .... and if you're a parent,,, you can be held responsible for what your children set off ... sparklers are okay here,,, but anything that explodes is not allowed... while fireworks may be fun,,,, they're also extremely dangerous.... thousands of people -- most often kids and teens -- are injured each year using fireworks... the most likely to cause injuries??? --- sparklers ... they can reach temperatures high enough to cause third- degree burns.... that's why doctors recommend that only adults handle fireworks ... and wear protective eyewear... and always dispose of fireworks by soaking them in water before throwing them away.... many of us will be enjoying a hamburger or hot dog this fourth of july! but there are ways to make your cookout a little healthier! you can start by choosing leaner cuts of meat... turkey and bison burgers have less fat than beef ... but just as much flavor... if you want to spice up your meat ... use rubs and marinades -- instead of ketchup and mustard -- which are high in sugar... and when choosing your side dishes ... opt for grilled vegetables and fruit-- over pasta or potato salad.... but if you just can't pass up that burger ... it's ok! skip the cheese ... or the bun! and while we are on the subject of grilling ,,, did you know you giving your pets scraps from the grill can make them sick? any change in diet, even for one meal, can cause digestive problems for your pet.... so it's a bad idea to give your pet scraps from the grill, even on a holiday.... and keep in mind certain foods such as onions can be potentially harmful to pets.... and if your cookout menu includes hot dogs,,, you are definitely not alone ... today is the biggest holiday of the year for the iconic dog ... believe it or not ,,,, americans will consume around 150-million hot dogs today ... but the bigger question is --- what is the condiment of choice ? well for most adult,,, it's mustard .... but the kiddos prefer to cover their dogs with ketchup .... and no one can eat a dog quite like those competing for bragging rights ... that means it's time once again for nathan's annual fourth of july hot dog eating contest. once againthe winner for the men is joey chestnut. this is chestnut's eleventh victory in this contest... scarfing down a record.. 74 hot dogs... asfor the women.. sudo takes home the trophy....eating 37 hot dogs. this is her fifth consecutive win... hopefully your plans for this evening wont be affected by the weather .... what you can expect for tonight's festivities ahead in your complete w-t-v-a severe weather authority forecast another hot and humid day out there today on this independence day. we saw most of the temperatures top off well into the 90s over our area. we saw the heat index values top off over 100 degrees this afternoon in many areas. we did see some areas of scattered showers and thunderstorms pop up this afternoon. a few of the thunderstorms were a bit on the strong side with some gusty winds at times. as we go through the evening and overnight hours we will see some more isolated showers and thunderstorms linger in our area. otherwise, we will see mostly clear to partly cloudy skies as the rule. overnight low temperatures will drop off down into the middle 70s in most areas. as we go through the next several days across our area we will see some more scattered showers and thunderstorms as the rule. we will see a few of the thunderstorms get up to strong or even severe levels at times with strong and gusty winds being the main culprit. otherwise, we will see generally variable cloudiness as the rule. most of our daytime high temperatures will be in the upper 80s to middle 90s. while, most of our overnight low temperatures will be in the lower to middle 70s with a few towns down into the upper 60s at times. an update now to a story we first brought to you as breaking news an update now to a story we first brought to you as breaking news on w-t-v-a nine news at four .... the fourth of july standoff at the statue of liberty is over..... the woman who partly climbed up the statue is now in custody ... she was captured by police just about an hour ago after being on the same level as the statues feet for over three hours .... the woman scaled up the statue not long after several protesters were arrested for displaying an abolish ice banner on the lower portion of the statue .... officers eventually climbed up and cautiously took her into custody.... on this independence day... more than 100 immigrants are now u-s citizens... 101 people from 50 different countries gathered at george washington's historic home in mount vernon... they took the oath of allegiance... renouncing all ties to foreign states... and promising to support and defend the constitution and laws of the united states.... the ceremony is the end of a long process ... applicants must be able to demonstrate they can read, write and speak english... andshow they know and understand the history, principles and form of government of the u-s. fire officials are warning parents of the dangers of fireworks modeled like children's toys this fourth of july.... the fireworks seen here...
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