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Alderman speaks out about Verona shooting

Alderman speaks out about Verona shooting

Posted: Thu Jul 12 16:08:35 PDT 2018
Updated: Thu Jul 12 16:08:35 PDT 2018

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been three days since our exclusive video of a gas station shootout in verona first aired. since then police have been tight- lipped about the case, now, one of the cities alderman is speaking up. wtva's shante sumpter has what he says could the problems in verona. for the past three days, residents in verona have voiced their concerns after thisshootout at the super c inverona.. they say this is just one of a few shootings thathappened intheir city over the weekend. we've been asking our chief of police for about two weeks now, what's going on. what we need to do? the store is in alderman julian riley's ward, hesays he is insultedthese shootersarerefered to as verona residents... we have a lot of people coming in from other towns. they are just as likely to be tupelo or aberdeen people as they are verona. rileytells me the gas stationshould share a part of the blame in this shooting -- for deciding to stay open 24 hours and taking down loitering signs. he did not get a permit or permission from the board to do that. now if that business were closed at 12. there wouldn't have been young men there after 12 to be doing a shooting. i asked the alderman about another shooting on maddox road and what could be done if the crime moves to another location if the store is closed? well there's nothing the city can do about young men getting into arguments and fights. if we couldpassanordinanceto stop that we would have did it a long time ago. the city can do nothing about that. parents might have someinfluence, but the city certainly doesn't. ss wtva 9 news well it's been
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