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Verona shooting victim speaks out

Verona shooting victim speaks out

Posted: Wed Jul 11 17:18:20 PDT 2018
Updated: Wed Jul 11 17:18:20 PDT 2018

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access... good afternoon i'm craig ford and im emily leonard the video shows a shootingat a gas station sunday morning in verona ... policearen't saying much about the shooting... this all happened around 12:30 sunday morning... a family membertells us dawayne harris was shot in the arm after being caught in the crossfire... he is out of the hospital... wtva's shante sumpter has been following the story since the beginning... she joins us live with more craig ,emily chief j.b long says he's not saying anything about this shooting besides it's under investigation. but, tonight the second victim is speaking out. he says before he could pull up to this pump saturdaygunfire erupted. hereiam, aninnocentby-stander. with a bullet in me for the rest of my life. for something i have nothing to do with. d'mariocole says when he saw this video on wtva 9 news tuesday, it took him back to the scary moment....he, his mom, and sister were caught in the middle of a shootout.. when the shotsrangout, my sister went forward. i put the car in trying to get out of the line of fire. i was stuck in the line of fire. his car, riddled with bullet holes, one which pierced through his side, and he says doctors safe is too risky to move we'rereallyblessed because if the bullet wouldofhit me in my head. i wouldn't be here today telling you this story. d'marioshome is about three minutes from here at the verona pd. he tells me so far chief long has only called him by phone. he didn't come by, stop by to check on me or anything. now, unable to work, d'mariois calling for action the people that did this. they're not think one day this could be your momma, your cousin, your brother. as far as we know, no arresthasbeen made in this case. we've been hearing from residents about the possibility of more than one shooting over the weekend. when i spoke with the chief earlier today he said he was not going to comment aboutany other shooting. coming up on wtva 9 news at 6. hear from the victim about why god was on his side during this ordeal. in verona ss wtva 9 news
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