Southern blight attacking fruit in Mississippi

July 11 2018

Posted: Wed Jul 11 16:54:08 PDT 2018
Updated: Wed Jul 11 16:54:08 PDT 2018

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shortage in tomatoes in the state.... wtva's daranesha herron spoke with a farmer who says 50 percent of her tomato crop was destroyed. tag ." "it's shocking youknow. it'sdisappointing." chasiti mcgeeis talking about how she felt when she saw the tomatoes at native son farm after theywereattackedby southernblight. the fungus isthis white fuzzy growthandmcgeesaysit can livein the soil for up to 7 years. mcgee says the fungus causes tomatoes not to grow. "itattacks the stemand it eventually starts wilting. afterthat it's just a matter of time" she saidtomatoes can be protected from infected soil by wrappingthesteminfoil around the base of the plant. 'it worked inourhigh tunnels but it's not efficient to do it on all ofthese in the field." mcgee says eating these infected plants will not harm you. "it may taste bitter but there is no harm in eating it. stand up - despite having 50 percent of there crop die they were still able to produce tomatoes like this one. for all the plant growers out there mcgee's advice is to start again next year. "allyou have to do is just keep growing.yourgoing to have a loss but keep growing. reporting tupelo daranesha herronwtva9ne ws to learn more about tomato blight... you can go online to
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