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Should you be worried about hackers affecting your vote?

Should you be worried about hackers affecting your vote?

Posted: Thu May 24 16:04:57 PDT 2018
Updated: Thu May 24 16:04:57 PDT 2018

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are your votes safe? that's a question that has led the state to taking extra steps to increase security when it comes to managing elections. wtva's shante sumpter explains if you should be worried $4.7 million dollars is the amount the state is spending to keep the election system secure. we've already donecybersecurity work on that. we've encrypted it and worked with homeland security. some of that money will be used for that. secretary of state delbert hosemannsays the rest will be split between every county, to help with new machines, disability access at precincts, and security. but when asked if you should be worried about hacking... if the russians are going to affect the election. they'll probably have to come into the precinct, take the machine and run out with it. i got mixed reviews from viewers when askedif their votes are safe? i just want my voice to go where it's supposed to do. youknow what i mean. i'mfairly confidentin what we have place, so i can bereasonableassured that my vote did count. i really don't see it. the biggest thing is people need to go out and make their voices heard. according tohosemann, keeping the voting system safe is a day-to-day battle, but he'sconfident your votes are safe. in tupelo ss wtva 9 news coming up at 6 hear about
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