Mental scars remain after tornado

May 23, 2018

Posted: Thu May 24 08:07:57 PDT 2018
Updated: Thu May 24 08:07:57 PDT 2018

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our fair share of tornadoes in mississippi and alabama... and as a result, we're familiar with the emotional distress that haunts those who lived through a these storms... in this special report, wtva's emma packard speaks with one woman who still feels the effects of her experience 7 years later... std." kitchens "it sounds like a train coming through." -tonya wooten/tornado survivor tonya wooten remembers it clearly. "it was like sucking air through the windows."tonya wooten/tornado survivor april 27th2011...the night an ef-3 tornado hitmontpelier. "you could hear trees cracking and popping."tonya wooten/tornado survivor and the next morning...devest ationleft behind... "therewasnumerous, numerous trees down. therewastrees on my brother's vehicles. there was like three vehicles it took out."tonya wooten/tornado survivor and even though her family was ok, the experience left her emotionally scarred. "to see something come in and in just a matter of seconds, take half of it away...things that you can't replace,somethings you can replace. i'm just thankful they made it through it."tonya wooten/tornado survivor those scars still haunt her and her family today. "you're afraid it's going to happen again."tonya wooten/tornado survivor stand up: even the smallest signs of storms rolling in reminds them of what they experienced. "lighting and the thunder. it terrifies me."tonya wooten/tornado survivor "they catastrophize a simple thunderstorm coming through." - april kitchens april kitchens, a counselor at the north mississippi medical center behavioral health center says this is a normal symptom ofposttraumaticstress disorder for tornado survivors. "one thing that you do see are people isolating themselves. people becoming extremely fearful whenever there's just simply a rain cloud."- april kitchens "even though they say it's just a thunderstorm, who knows! it could turn into one in a heartbeat and you not really understand it or know it."tonya wooten/tornado survivor and after all she's experienced,wooten has a message for those who don't take severe weather seriously. "it could hit your home at any time and destroy it. take your life, yourkidslives. bad weather is nothing to joke around about."tonya wooten/tornado survivor emma packard wtva 9 news the ef-3 tornado that hit montpelier that day was part of the super outbreak of 2011 that spawned over 300 tornadoes
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