Police: Booneville man charged with shooting out on bond for attempted murder

A Booneville man is accused of shooting at another man after a verbal altercation.

Posted: Tue May 22 17:01:53 PDT 2018
Updated: Tue May 22 17:01:53 PDT 2018

Speech to Text for Police: Booneville man charged with shooting out on bond for attempted murder

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striking one... the suspect was previously out onbond accused ofa heavier crime. wtva's rebecca butcher spoke to law enforcement and people in the area. she joins us live with what we know. craig, emily, this suspect is said to havefired rounds...hitting one man in this neighborhood. many people are worried because the suspect was let out on bond for...attempted murder. pettigo: "it's common, for anything to happen whether it's a shooting or whatever" melesa pettigo is talking about 34-year-old christopher carl christian ...arrested for reportedly firing shots here... at oak street near allen. police say one person was grazed by a bullet....but it isn't the first time he's been accused ofserious crime. "they should have never let him out in the first place." in may of last year, police say christian fired 30 rounds striking a bystanderwhile targeting another...he was then charged with attempted murder. "there shouldn't have even been a bond for him." dollar general worker cora owens tells me that she's taken aback bythe incident. cora owens, booneville resident "it justmakes you curious about you know why they would do somethingin this small town, it just makes you more cautious of your surroundings." residents say they want to see a change in the city's response to such crime. "i think the community needs to take a stand on it and make them start recognizing they are putting each and every one of its citizens in danger." christian is now facing a 100,000 dollar bond but police say there are plans to revoke his bond. stay with us for the latest. live in booneville, rb wtva nine news. it's a developing
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