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Monroe County Drug Arrests

Arrests are latest in sheriff's attempt to nab drug dealers

Posted: Thu Feb 08 17:42:10 PST 2018
Updated: Thu Feb 08 17:42:11 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Monroe County Drug Arrests

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bars in monroe county facing drug charges. it's the latest and a number of arrests that the cantrell says is part of his war on drugs in the county. wtva'swayne hereford now joins us live from monroe county with more. thank you the latest for people arrested are don anderson of nettleton joseph gilmore of tupelo ashley nicole miller of nettleton and a woman by the name of jessie gibson.the arrest stems from drug guys made at done anderson's residence inn nettleton the four have been arrested between yesterday and today.sheriff cantrell says it's been a good month and he hopes it gets better. if you have watched wtva over the past several months you have noticed a same similar to this one in the office of sheriff cecil cantrell of monroe county.gunn's drug paraphernalia and of course money all three spread across the table indicating that the sheriff and his department are focusing on what they call drug trafficking in monroe county."these people that are out there selling drugs, you are on our radar and we know itstand up "this latest drug bust here in monroe county the sheriff says is indicative of what he's been trying to do since he came into office seven years ago.""last month alone we had 4 felony drug arrests thanks to our drug enforcement team."and he adds you can add another 100 are so misdemeanor drug charges to that number as well.cantrell says monroe county is no different than any other in mississippi it has its share of drug trafficking but he warns those who would take part in such activities."we feel like all these cases are real good cases and we aren't sure that day will be indicted to stand trial in circuit court." sheriff cantrell says that teaching young people in the county not to use drugs in the first place can help solve the problem already least slow it down reporting live from aberdeen i'm buying her for wtva 9 news you need to be aware of a recent alabama bill if you're a