Snow Coverage Hit 2

Snow Coverage Hit 2

Posted: Tue Jan 23 17:52:55 PST 2018
Updated: Tue Jan 23 17:52:56 PST 2018

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conditions in wt the golden reporter shante, what can you tell us? who live in starkville. >> i am on highway 12 here in starkville and of course we have been saying this all day to stay off of the roads and for the most part people here have been adhering to that. you can see the snow starting to accumulate here on highway one, but people are still out. em sa director here advising folks not to do what she said she received reports of slick & pspots on the 82 bridge j good morning. ust e wtva 9 news todayat six beginsat of highw this morning with ay 182 she sa will be on the way out there to check that out. but h er biggest message and that was message you have em sa director you see people are coming through, but it is in the nearly as much people as in the on normal day just a few minutes from mississippi state you can see the cars, starting to accumulate ice here in parking lot here. it has been continue to accumulate snow over and over one more important thing to add i also spoke to the ema trikt tore in win stop county. and he said they are heading into the worst case scenario bridges are iced there in. he so said you should get where you need to go for next
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