Woman subject of Silver Alert found safe

The woman from Columbus was found in Montgomery County south of Winona.

Posted: Sat Jan 20 06:14:45 PST 2018
Updated: Sat Jan 20 06:14:45 PST 2018

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columbus police chief fred shelton tells us that the family of 86-year old alice ruth lenoir is already on their way to winona to pick her up. that's where she was found alive this afternoon in her car in a ditch in winona according to montgomery county sheriff bubba nix.now earlier ,i met with mrs. lenoir's family members and chief fred shelton in his office.obviously they were very concerned at the time. but they will definitely see her this evening as she was found alive and well in winona.reportin g live from winona i'm wayne hereford wtva nine news. stinger pontotoc police were led on