Coffee with a Cop

Event brings citizens and cops together

Posted: Thu Jan 18 14:33:07 PST 2018
Updated: Thu Jan 18 14:33:07 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Coffee with a Cop

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citizens got a chance to meet and greet each other in downtown aberdeen this morning for what was called "coffee with a cop." the event was sponsored by the jugtown grill and southern care hospice. organizers say it was a chance for citizens to talk with law enforcement officers in an informal setting using coffee, dough nuts and conversations. officers and organizers both said it was worth the effort. ." "they're real curious to know the drugs, and about what's going on and how we go about trying to enforce the law on the drug problem." "we wanted to bring them in a relaxed environment that they can work with the community and talk to them and get to know more of the people around town." nerren says its the first time they have held this event in aberdeen. they have held this event in aberdeen. a racist