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Alan's Late Wednesday Forecast

Alan's Late Wednesday Forecast

Posted: Wed Jan 17 20:32:55 PST 2018
Updated: Wed Jan 17 20:32:55 PST 2018

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region thursday morning as temperatures start out in the near single digits and lower-teens. wind chills will begin in the single-digits. areas of ice on roadways will continue to be an issue, especially on back roads and county roads. roads will look much better in many locations, but patches of "black ice" will remain. this will be particularly true on backroads, bridges and overpasses early thursday morning. thursday will be a day characterized by mostly sunny conditions, and this will allow more melting and road conditions to continue improving. the thaw will continue throughout the morning and into the afternoon hours. temperatures will at least for a few hours climb above the freezing mark for most of northeast mississippi. then we will fall below 32 quickly as the sun goes down. we will see the aforementioned high pressure move off to the east of our area by friday and into the weekend and this will help our area warm up. we will warm up due to the southerly winds on the back side of the high pressure bringing into our area some milder air from our south. that milder air will bring some greater amounts of moisture by the late weekend and this will give us a chance for some showers as another cold front heads our way. we could even see a few thunderstorms in the mix later portions of our sunday and into our monday morning. temperatures will warm up well into the 50s to some 60s by this weekend and into early next week. one former nbc anchor is coming back to the network for the biggest sporting event of the season. one area basketball coach and his family are one former nbc anchor is coming back to the network for