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John's Late Saturday Forecast

January 13, 2018

Posted: Sat Jan 13 20:26:01 PST 2018
Updated: Sat Jan 13 20:26:02 PST 2018

Speech to Text for John's Late Saturday Forecast

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we saw most of our high temperatures today in the upper 20s to middle 30s. we did see plenty of sunshine as the rule after a little bit of cloud cover and flurries this morning. as we go through the evening and overnight hours we will continue to see high pressure control our weather forecast. we will see clear skies as the rule across the area tonight and most of the overnight low temperatures dropping off down to around 13 to 18 degrees for the overnight lows. we will see some areas even colder than that, especially up toward the tennessee state line. one thing to note, please be careful of any isolated areas of black ice that may be lingering in our area. as we go through our sunday, we will start the day off with nice sunny skies, however a bit of an increase in cloud cover later in the day due to some disturbed air just to our north. we will see most of the high temperatures in the afternoon continue on the unseasonably cold side with most of the highs in the middle 30s to near 40 degrees. as we go into our upcoming work week, we will continue with unseasonably cold air and a chance for some precipitation. that chance for some precipitation will be due to another arctic cold front moving into our area on our monday evening and into our tuesday morning. there could be some minor accumulations of some snow due to this frontal passage. we will see somewhat colder air build into our area on our tuesday and into wednesday as another arctic high pressure area moves into our neck of the woods. we could easily see many areas drop off down into the single digits for the overnight lows on our wednesday morning. we will see a bit of a warming trend by the later portion of the upcoming work week and into the weekend. we will see high temperatures back into the 50s and morning lows back into the 30s and 40s by next weekend. so there is a little bit of a hope of a warm up for a brief moment in time by next saturday. the mississippi highway patrol released information