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Starkville Walmart shooting

Starkville Walmart shooting

Posted: Sat Jan 13 16:49:15 PST 2018
Updated: Sat Jan 13 16:49:15 PST 2018

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an early morning shooting at a walmart leaves one dead and another behind bars. video, taken from the parking lot shows an armed man being taken down by starkville police. starkville police say they responded to the walmart off of highway 12 west for a call of shots fired around 9:30-this morning. when police arrived they found, william "tommy" chisholm of kosciusko. police say he was armed. and after a brief struggle, he was arrested and taken into custody. chisholm is currently charged with capital murder inside the store, officers found a woman on the ground who had been shot. oktibbeha county coroner michael hunt, identified the victim as 42 year old shauna witt, who worked as an optometrist in starkville. she arrived at the hospital with two gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at 10:05 am. here's what starkville police chief frank nichols said at a press conference near the scene. "suspect entered the store and confronted the victim and fired several shots inside the store. the victim was the only person to be injured. he later walked outside and was confronted by police officers and was later arrested. it still is an ongoing investigation and our sympathy goes out to the family of the victim and we want to thank the city of starkville for all of the support that you've given." chief nichols believes this to be a domestic incident. in the first press release, police said the victim was the suspects estranged wife, but in the second press release, police say close friends of the victim interviewed at the scene say the suspect and victim were in a close dating relationship. chisholm is currently out on a felony bond for a separate incident related to the victim. at this time, we do not know what that incident is. now like we mentioned earlier, video of the arrest was taken by a bystander and posted to facebook. it has since received over 200-thousand views. ken murrell gave us permission to show you that video. a warning it might be intense for some. take a look. now wtva's morgan burger has been on the scene all day following this story. she was able to speak with mr. murrell. morgan now joins uslive from the starkville police department with what he had to say. morgan? you know madison, i think the most telling thing about this story is something this witness told me, you just don't think a shooting would happen at walmart, or anywhere your hometown for that matter...but after this mornings shooting at walmart, ken says he's received over 99,000 views, and is still in shock that he was just feet away from the shooter. ." "he turned away and when his hand dropped. i could see the gun."ken muller was just feet away from, this man, william chisholm after hearing gun shots fired inside of walmart as he was shopping for a present for his wife."it doesn't register gunfire. it can't be. not in walmart this early. and i started to seek cover until i heard a lady screaming. he shot her, he shot her and i said to the gentleman next to me, that's him there he goes. he went out the back doors of the vision center and into the parking lot of walmart and we went around to the sliding doors."that's when muller said, he started using his phone to video what was happening."i don't know why i had my phone in my hand...i carry my phone in my hand and i thought, surely no one is going to believe me so i started to record it."muller says now that everything is over, the reality of what happened is beginning to set in."kind of coming down off the adrenaline now. after giving a police statement and realizing this man did take another persons life and i was right next to him, i didn't know if he had anymore ammunition, had he spent it all? um. he could have killed me. now that i think back on it. at the time it was just adrenaline.... those are the places you think you are safe..but obviously not." i asked ken if he thought at any point he needed to hide, rather than chase after this suspect and he said it was just instinct.the suspect is still in jail tonight on a capital murder charge and this investigation is in starkville, morgan burger wtva nine news. morgan, thank you. starkville's mayor, lynn spruill says she was very pleased with the police departments response time and and how effective the officers were in getting the suspect into custody. "i got a text from chief nichols and we responded very quickly and subdued the suspect and i'm very proud that we were able to keep any further tragedy from happening. we have an incredible police department and i'm really very proud of their efforts in this regard." and you may remember just last week...another