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John's Late Friday Forecast

January 12, 2018

Posted: Fri Jan 12 21:12:14 PST 2018
Updated: Fri Jan 12 21:12:14 PST 2018

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>> now your wtva severe weather authority forecast.. >> reporter: well after a we will see another cold front in our weather forecast early s system next week and that will moved bring our area more cold air and another chance for some frozent precipitation.our area today gave us change from rain top freezing rain to sleet to snow. we're left with flurries and the left overs it's been 90 years since sheof made her show business debut, cn thank you and she's receiving a special c. and arctic air honor later this month. thank polar bears in the north pole. thank you santa claus. enjoys that the nice cold air. talking about co ld arctic and canadian air for 5 to 7 days maybe beyond that. radar right here storm track doppler radar showing no precipitation of significance out we had a frontal system movethe. that will be through our area today. the sto this gave us a pretty good bit of a mix of precipitation across few our area. flakes. northwest of here watching we saw most of the temperatures across the area continue their system slide well down intokicked up a snow the lower to middle 20s.around . springfield missouri. we'll be as we go through the evening an overnight hours we will see mor cold air plunge passing to our north. lexington moving into our area and some clearing skies.away from us part of that same most areas will stay on the low mostly cloudy side and most ofp the overnight low system. producing a possible tornado or 2 on the eastern seaboard.& - we missed out on the severe weather in our neck of the woods. those change over to frozen precipitation this day. a few flakes from temperatures will drop off down into the middle teens to lower cover out 20s.there. tomorrow we try to clear things out. mostly sunny to partly sunny ski skies will be the rule. high pressure tries to move in for a few mosts in time. by later portions of sunday we'll see cloud cover on the increase from our west. i want you to see this snow over sections of arkansas by sunday. roughly around 1:30 or as we go through the rest of tho weekend, we will see mostly . that clear to partly cloudysnow cove shower activity may linger sunday night and that portion of the world. monday evening to portions of tuesday before it gets here. skies as the rule as arctic high snow pressure builds into our area.s. arctic front moving we will see another cold front in our weather forecast early t next week and that will our area. tupelo cloudy skies right now. 24. gusting to 30 miles an hour. bring our area more cold air and breezy another chance for some frozent precipitation.out there. oxford look at the ground in oxford. half inch quarter of an inch of snow fall. and 23 now it's been 90 years since shein made her show business debut, o. north wind at 13 miles an hour. temperatures across the region 40 degrees at times. there is corinth at 40 degrees colder. and columbus at 36 degrees colder. and you're looking at air temperatures across the board right now mostly in the 20s. sometimes knocking on the door of teens. 25 houston. and the twin cities coming in at 26 degrees. all right. so that's the air temperature. the wind chills. my goodness down to 8 in i aucka. 16 hamilton. and 19 starkville. getting colder. look at the wind chills. 7:00 in the morning saturday morning. if you can stay indoors try to stay indoors. don't go out and about. most areas are not drying out. 0 in corn for the wind chill. air temperature tomorrow afternoon gets up into the lower to middle 30s. this is where we should be 51 degrees. nowhere near that. staying in the middle 30s. cold air. turn away from the screen if you can't handle the cold air. monday 45. latest are computer models middle to upper 20s with wind chills single teens. single digits wednesday morning. optimistic at 12 on wednesday. some towns around 5 or